How I got here …

My daughter decided to drag me into cyber space and create a page for me on Facebook and My Space.

This was, for a time, an interesting way for me to become a voyeur, peeking at those cute little graphics, those marvelous family photos and the endless threads of conversation.

Actually, reading the internet on any given day will give one the impression there is not a single soul on planet earth, including our new president, who does not wish to render themselves splayed out for public consumption.

It impressed some of the generation X kids that wandered through our rooms during the eighties. When a girl from my kindergarden class requested to be in my network, I realized my daughter had unleashed a beast I was not about to battle.

Who wants to hear from the kid whose braids you stuck in the ink well?

How did you get here and why have you made the effort?

fOIS In The City


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5 responses to “How I got here …

  1. My nieces have over both have well over a thousand friends on Facebook. I’m wondering if in the future, everyone will know every detail about strangers because it’s posted online. Back when my son was young, all these kids were talking about Facebook as something kids did within their schools to write notes to each other. It’s come a LONG way, baby.


  2. I guess the good thing about facebook is we can choose how much time we spend on it. I know many people who silently stalk the news feeds just to see what’s going on.. lol! When I first joined up I had no idea what it was all about. It really made no sense to me.

    It’s been a great way for me to reconnect with a lot of school friends. I try and ignore the personal details and drama. It amazed me the things people decide to share..


    • So true Laura, mostly Facebook is a couple of rungs above My Space. Chat, chat, chatter. Some of the prof. pages are okay, and I am on with two of the groups I work with … and I do enjoy the pictures of my grandchildren 🙂


  3. DM

    Thanks for this insight. I got here in internet space looking for a good poetry group and visiting a medium’s chat room.


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