Back to Sunset Park …

This is the steeple of St. Michael’s Church. Like the park, the church was part of our lives for decades. From all three of us receiving First Holy Communion, to my wedding, Michael’s Baptism and Communion, until the last time, my mother, Mary Fois’ funeral mass and my niece, Laura singing Amazing Grace.

Sitting in the circle by the flag pole, watching the sun setting in the bay, the steeple rises like a beacon, showing us the way home.

From Sunset Park:

Seasons changed and changed again. Autumn leaves lined the long hills and pathways of Sunset Park. They blew in the wind and danced happily in the shifting currents, their golden, yellow bronze leaves spilling onto the narrow tree lined streets of the neighborhood.
Children rolled down the long slopes in the park, covering themselves with the colorful array of fallen leaves, breathing in the pungent scent, waiting for the long winter’s sleep.

Watch the next sunset
with someone you love.
fOIS In The City

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