Saying goodbye …

Running in circles today, not being able to get to my work. Need to finish the last three chapters of something, editing a draft of something else. Got those low down, drive me into the dirt blues. It helps to work through those blue funks in the day, chase them at night.

The second day of Christmas didn’t even help!

Like the banner, many of the selections I post here are from a collection of stories of Sunset Park. Naturally, I have loved finding the various Brooklyn Blogs, and there are many, and the hand full of them dedicated to our old neighborhood.

Today was the sign-off for a good Brooklyn Blog, The Best View in Brooklyn. These small pictures cannot do justice to the breathtaking views of the sunset, the panorama of the bay as it winds around the borough, blending with the Hudson River going north, emptying into the ocean going due west. As the boy said … “Straight out ’til morning.”

A much needed voice for this all but forgotten piece of our history, I say goodbye to The Best View Blog. May all your endeavors be done with the same dedication.

Missing it today,
And wonder

Where are we now?

fOIS In The City


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One response to “Saying goodbye …

  1. Kelly Burns

    I enjoy reading your blog. You are an amazing writer Florence a.k.a. Toni!


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