Gone so soon …

We are now into the heat of the summer months of July and August. In honor of this hot, heat, hardly tepid and practically boiling, humid, thick, airless and muggy weather we present…

Summer camp for instance …

This is the savior of thousands of American families each year. My children, I have been informed, would never think of sending their kids to camp. They don’t believe in allowing perfect strangers the pleasure of caring for them for any number of weeks during those hot summer months.

I have been reminded on numerous occasions of my heartless decision to pack them off, lock, stock and foot locker to an eight week sleep-away camp resting in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania.

Beautiful landscape, horseback riding and cute counselors in short, shorts. And I do mean short. Gals that were both rugged and sexy, who could wrangle a horse and a rowdy camper, fling their latest flame into the underbrush and make it back, undetected, by dawn’s early light.

Yes, that great American tradition of living in the great outdoors, horse flies and mucking stables, barrel racing, rodeo, camp fire round-up and free sex education for my son.

Then there were those …

Hot times, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirdy and gritty.

Summers in the city whilst the kiddies frolic in the country, mama left to her own devices, and eight long weeks to deal with them, one device at a time.

Yes, this is the weekend I often sit back and sigh, remembering. But of course, like anything else, dear ones …

This too has passed.


I am changing one of my pages and rearranging the items in the side bar.  Watch for changes.

I tried to steal pictures from the kid’s Facebook, but I might be forbidden to show either of them here.

The big one would not care, since he is an, I don’t care about inconsequential stuff like this, sort of guy, and the other one hasn’t forbidden me from showing her feet.

Share the memories of
what was, with

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3 responses to “Gone so soon …

  1. Mstrongair

    This is lovely. It’s nice to see you back. This writing is alive. Thanks for sharing.


  2. you are tooooooooo funny mom! 🙂


  3. I try to fit in a little fun each day. Hey, I like your pedicure 🙂


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