Color my world …

Color my world …

… and the Holiday gifts I make, the table I set, the tree I decorate. Color my world happy colors to cheer me, pastels to sooth me and intricate combinations to please me.


The colors of my presents … the ones I would start each July and rush to finish each December. The colors of the special boxes and handmade cards that had to go with the gift I made. The colors of the baskets I filled with sundry delights and wrapped in bright cellophane and ribbon. The colors of fabric, yarn, ribbon, paint or varnish.


Finds of the City on had three previous incarnations. It was once called Boxed In … for the special boxes I made for gifts … a gift inside a gift.

Holiday Eight 055

In the eighties it was called Basket Case, as all my craft projects and gifts were contained in baskets, willow and grave vine woven in shades of earth tones, filled with handmade treasures.

Holiday.Six 010

Stitch in Time for the thousands of yards of fabric that have run under the needles of over a dozen machines, slipped through my fingers and gathered with my hands.

A  year ago November, it became Finds Of The City (link)

My twin, my alter-ego and the purveyor of this other life comes with her own tales of mischief and mayhem, of learning hundreds of tasks … to keep busy … to make something pretty.

Holiday.Six 022

How lucky am I that I was not only hyperactive, but that I learned so early … the gift you make yourself … be it those cookies you give in a pretty jar … or the needle-point you fashioned for months … be it simple or complex … those are the most precious gifts you can give.

Houses No. One 015

I mean … pa-leeze … anyone can go to a department store.


Being twice as lucky, since I retired five years ago, I also began writing the stories that previously had only been inside my head. Now my fingers create great finds for my shop, and tap out stories for my blog and to complete my books.

Whether you collect handbags, fashion sweaters or mold ceramics, if you love to make things has a shop where you can buy or sell, whichever you please.

Visit my shop Finds of the City:



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3 responses to “Color my world …

  1. lisa

    For me, it is Doris Day movies–love, love, love them.


  2. Handmade decorations are so heartwarming. Love the little tree with the roses.


  3. I’m heading over to take a lookie-loo.


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