Sunday note …

August, will continue to examine the life and work of women. 

However, I am considering following the lead of many of my fellow-bloggers, and finding a schedule which I can use that makes sense to me and my readers. 

Many of the blogs I read post from Monday through Friday. There may be a time when I can also do five days a week. This is not the time. 

 I am in the middle of the first mystery in a new series … The Maggie Sullivan Mysteries … and need to economize my time. 

To accomplish this, I will post each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This is a schedule I have found on many other blog sites and it is a schedule I can follow without sacrificing my writing time.

 If you are a subscriber or a reader of Ramblings from the left … I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and read my posts. If you enjoy what you see, send me to a friend. 

Also, by the end of August, I will conquer my fears of “tweeting on twitter” and find the secrets and mysteries of social networking by linking our blog to Facebook and Twitter. 

Onwards into the unknown of cyber space … 

 To boldly go where no
crab has gone before.






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2 responses to “Sunday note …

  1. christicorbett


    I too only post on MWF, and my posts on Fridays are simply quotes from other authors that I like. That way, I only really have to come up with something twice a week. Plus, my posts are very short compared with other writing sites posts.

    Over this weekend I “went to the dark side” and signed up for Twitter. Not hard once you figure everything out, and the networking opportunities are endless.

    So, when you start, you’ll have a follower right away 🙂

    Christi Corbett


  2. You are giving me courage. If you can. I can.

    I’ll let you know when 🙂


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