Welcome to comic Monday …

 Back to the funny farm we go. Slid down my rain barrel, climb up my apple tree and have a few laughs with the gals of comedy and me.

Who pulled her ear after each show and had a famous clothes designers do all of her costumes? Who had a supporting cast of some of the funniest people on television? People like Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, and the unforgettable Vicki Lawrence.

None other than Carol Burnett.

Some of our funniest women have also given us our most thoughtful satire. This is Whoopi at her best, doing satire on Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck. I think you’ll recognize who she is talking about.

I fell in love with Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In simply because they gave us a generation of funny and talented comedians and actresses. I had a hard time deciding between Ruth Ann and the telephone operator.

Lily Tomlin … One ringy-dingy …

Laughter is an elixir for the soul. It washes away the cares of the day. The reruns of this television sitcom ran at midnight for years on one of our New York channels. Before I watched her, it was The Odd Couple, after these reruns were taken off, I watched Falty Towers.

No double entendre intended. However, it is therapeutic to have a good laugh before sleeping.

The lady who put another administration to shame … Murphy Brown

It bares repeating … 

Onwards into the unknown of cyber space … 

 To boldly go where no
crab has gone before.






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2 responses to “Welcome to comic Monday …

  1. Meg

    What a good way to start a Monday!

    Thanks for the laughs!



  2. themommyvan

    i remember you so loving carol burnett. she still holds up.. comic genius. madeline kahn is severely underrated… RIP. a huge loss.

    i’m sure gilda radner fits right in with this bunch.

    the fact that these women broke through during a time when comedy was more ‘men’s work’… is a testament to their genius. as is (sadly still) now the case with writing and comedy.. it’s harder for a female to resonate across female AND male audiences… or at least for men to admit it. (surely i’ll offend some men here.. but you get what i am saying.)

    good stuff… thank you for sharing the laughs… k


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