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I have been involved with several critique groups, on-line and in three locations in South Florida. The group that remains closest to my heart is the first critique group I found.

The Parkland Cafe, founded by Janis Indeck and hosted by the Parkland Library, is a diverse group of people from different walks of life. What we all have in common is our desire to communicate with our writing.

Writer’s Digest has a marvelous selection of writer’s groups available in their on-line Community. It offers dozens of specialty groups designed to zero in on your craft and what you need to make it better.

There are many ways you can find peer groups with likened minds to share your work. Each time you reach out in person or on-line, you add to your knowledge base and boost your confidence.

Allow your words to breathe. Take them out of the dark and into the light of a place where it is safe and warm. Critique groups, critique partners or BETA readers are the most valuable tools any writer can have.

When you find them … cherish them.

To all those who have supported me thus far on my journey to get published, I say thank you.


Change is good for the heart and soul. It keeps mind and spirit fresh and new.

This month marks month number twelve. I have been blessed with an interesting group of readers, several subscribers and good feedback in the comments.

My blog is going through a major renovation. From today, August 27th until September 8th … two days after Labor Day … I will be making changes …

When possible I will post from the archives.

We shall share once more
What is good for you and
The … 


*Note:  If you sent me suggestions of new books to read … thanks. If you haven’t yet, please continue to do so during my hiatus. 

Happy Birthday to my twin grandchildren: Cassandra and Nicholas … Thirteen and counting.

 Happy Anniversary to Christi Corbett and her husband of ten years.

Happy Birthday to all the rest of my August loved-ones here and in New  York. Love and Miss you guys.

As the man said in the song … “See you in September …”




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2 responses to “Follow me …

  1. pk hrezo

    You are so right! CPs and Betas are invaluable. Glad we connected on WD. My daughter turns 4 tomorrow, so Bday party over here, too. 🙂

    Have a nice hiatus. I think they’re healthy and motivational. Hope to see you back soon!


  2. christicorbett

    Thanks for the love, and best wishes to your twin grandchildren :).
    Christi Corbett


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