Hello …

You might notice, I made a few changes to the blog. The new header photograph was taken by my daughter. You’ll see more of her New York images in the coming weeks.

I have given a great deal of thought to the reason I decided to start a blog. First, however, I think it is important I give you the ten reasons why I did not.

1)      Not so I can help you with your tense, past or present, makes no sense. Neither can I be of any use what-so-ever when it comes to correct grammar or spelling.

2)      Talented and insightful bloggers provide the best tips on the craft of writing, the process of completing a coherent and hopefully interesting and/or entertaining novel, how to write the proper query and tips on making a pitch should you go to a conference and meet agents face to face. This is not my forte.

3)      There are literally thousands of writers’ blogs and web pages, thousands and thousands of aspiring, newly published, mid-list or best seller’s list writers, as well as tons of … I can’t find an agent type at one end … to the … Oh my God … I just got a call from an agent type at the other end.

4)      I certainly do not have the “skinny” on what’s up with the current trends in genre. How do publishers assess their bottom line, what is coming down the pike and does anyone understand what happened to Joe Konrath?

5)      Of course, we all visit so many of the same blogs and web pages every day. Okay, for instance “mes auteurs” do you stop by daily to visit Eric at Pimp My Novel? Can you live without your fix of Chuck Sambuchino, Nathan Bransford, Rachelle Gardner, Janet Reid or Jessica Faust … Pub Rants anyone?

6)      Mystery Writing is Murder, Writer Unboxed, Public Query Slush Pile, Romance University and a few dozen more sites will educate, elucidate and illuminate your mind and spirit and also give you great tips for cleaning up that mess you call your MS.

7)      You think selling Mary Kay is tough? Try linking to all of these sites and then linking to all of their sites and then to their sites … Pyramid Supreme … Amway Products … here I come! Be mindful not to allow these distractions to squander your “write” time. That is not why I began my blog.

8)      I certainly did not decide to begin a blog so I could impress girls I knew in high school. Oh, so sorry. I went to an all-girl high school. How frustrating is that? I don’t know where my best friends are from high school and I pray every night that the boys we flirted with on the 69th Street Bus do not find me.

9)      Social networking is a brand new skill. Thanks to my daughter and the other Generation Xer’s who know and love me, I can at least negotiate cyber space without crashing into any unmarked planets. Tweet your way each day on Twitter, put on your best smile for Facebook and learn to find your yahoo or gmail. Lucky me, my daughter installed new icons. Look for Pieces of Me and Mommyvan for two of those spectacular young women raised in The Heights.

10)  Most of all, I did not begin a blog so I could give you any deep insights into my troubled childhood, my miserable adolescence or any of my lost dreams and bad dates. My personal life is none of your never mind and like my real age, it’s for me to know and for you to bug off!

If you need any resources or are interested in the daily dialogue of the writer’s community, link to the sites on my side bar.

I gave you ten reasons why I did not. I can at least give you one or two for why I did.

The reason I began the blog is central to why I write: to realize the “dream deferred” and complete the cycle begun a long time ago in another life.

I began the blog because of my enduring love of the word, the sounds and images flowing through my fingers; electricity harnessed at last.

I love popular fiction. It is what I write. I can never get New York out of my blood and it will continue to be where my stories take place.

I am, as I state on my Twitter profile:  Full-time writer seeking literary agent. My stories are about NYC women on the edge of discovery, danger and fun.

There is also a great deal of fun to be had here at blog central. Do not take yourself too seriously or try to bite your elbow and never dance in the rain in Southern Florida.

 Ce su ches la rufiana?
At the table we
Toast to la famiglia and, 




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8 responses to “Hello …

  1. christicorbett


    You’re voice shines through in this post, and once again makes me so glad to know you.

    Christi Corbett


  2. Thanks for mentioning the the Public Query Slushpile, and thanks for participating in it.

    I think you found a great reason to blog, keep after the dream.


  3. I started my blog a year ago as a way of recycling the columns I’d written for the Toronto writers’ zine INkwell Newswatch, which was one of the WD “best sites for writers” for the early part of the last decade. It had recently gone belly-up and I wanted to archive my work for other writers.

    What I found in the blogosphere was a community I didn’t know existed–all of my fellow scriveners who read Eric and Nathan and Janet and Jessica and Chuck. I find it all fascinating. And like you, I found myself navigating some of the outlying galaxies of Cyberia without “crashing into unmarked planets” like a Gen Xer.

    On the other hand I’ve also found dangerous distraction from my own fiction writing, which is kind of the reason I’m out here in the first place. Trying to rein that in at the moment.

    But here I am, commenting on your blog instead of finishing the last two chapters of my WIP. Two chapters. It’s always a little sad to come to the end of the creative phase and start in on the slash and burn of editing. Thanks for letting me put it off a few minutes.


  4. Thanks Anne. I alot a certain amount of time before my work (write) day begins and then later I take two breaks.

    It is important to be mindful of time.
    The fact is … the older I get the faster the sucker runs through the hour glass …

    “… and so are the days of our lives.” McDonald Carey.

    Have a great one and get back to work !


  5. nice 🙂 thanks for sharing my photo.


  6. Thanks so much for the mention, Florence! Best wishes to you with your agent search and writing. 🙂


  7. Loved reading your reasons for blogging. (And thank you for the mention.). Social networking is exciting in how it reconnects you to your past, opens up a new future…how it inspires us, annoys us, and can be an incredible time suck. I try to use my own blog to force me’ to write more, with a smattering of letting go of insecurities. that last bit is difficult to explain, but as a writer, I think you have some clue in its having to do with the informality of blogging and being able to write and release without concern over perfecting via revision.

    alas…it has allowed me’ to reconnect with you….and read works of yours which as a girl, I could only imagine the texture and talent of.


  8. Thanks, Christi for your lovely thoughts. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to comment.

    This is the flag day of the “new” look and I am very pleased that you all have shared it with me.

    Jen, there will be many more of your pictures for everyone to enjoy.

    Kim, don’t fret the insecurities. Without them, the writing process would not work. It is the not knowing and not being entirely sure that keeps us learning and striving for the perfection we need.

    Elizabeth, you are an inspiration to many and I am proud to have you on my side bar.

    Thanks to all those who wrote to me separately and made this a very special day.


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