Crabby cranks …

This little girl is worth reading again. I am busy this week editing. Sooooo for your repeat pleasure, I dug this out of archives. Enjoy, it is better the second around.


A while back I was caught up on a thread that morphed from a discussion as to the need a Women’s Fiction workshop at RWA Nationals next year in NYC. (At this printing, the Women’s Fiction Chapter will hold a workshop for its members at the RWA-Nationals in New York City in June.)

Okay, so I weighed in, and then sat back and watched bits and pieces of responses, i.e. there should have been a WF workshop at the last Nationals; how can we insure a good workshop next year; who would run it and what would the format be?  

The subject continued threading its way across space, twisted itself into a braid and became a new topic. Somewhere between should there be a women’s fiction workshop and who should do it and the last time I checked … it became … who wants to read about old farts having sex? 

It might actually have been …  who wants to read topics about old farts? 

Did I just compress a five-hour discussion about the value of the older writer, the aging heroine, the issues of the baby boomer who still spends all the money into … who wants to read about old farts having sex? 

Yes, I did. And I didn’t do it to be a smart ass either. I did it because as a vintage lady in my  prime, I’m tired of labels. 

What happens when Dick and Jane and their dog Spot turn … what 50?  Okay, be daring. Dick and Jane become 60? They should therefore; (a) commit suicide as it is indecent for anyone over the age of 40 to have sex and enjoy it; (b) take themselves to a nunnery or monastery; (c) devote the rest of their life to good works and leave the fun stuff to the new writers; or (d) none of the above. 

What? Because there is a rash of YA writers and a larger rash of YA agents is no excuse to get depressed. It’s good stuff for my grandkids to read. Don’t get carried away over new trends. When the current in the river changes, lean into it and it will take you safely home. 

If I am fortunate enough to meet these talented, successful women at a conference or in line at the shoe store, I would take a minute to introduce myself. 

Hello girls! I am an old fart. I am a crabby, old fart with a “tude” beginning with a capital “A.” 

Once upon a time I played by the rules. I did my time as a responsible citizen, protested at the right rallies, made beans for a living and told myself it was romantic.

I am a grandmother who was once a hippie. Yeah kids, granny wore cut offs, long straight hair, went bra-less in tie-tied T-shirts, loved loud music and ate cold pizza for breakfast.

All my main characters are New York City women. They live in my old neighborhoods in Brooklyn, and all over the five boroughs, they could be Italian, Irish, Jewish, Greek, Dominican or a mixed bag. My characters live in my head and I love doing strange and wonderful things with them.

I don’t care how old a writer is as long as I like her story. If her heroine is a young girl who lives on a farm and falls in love … one more time with feeling … and falls in love with the older rancher across the valley … who am I to doubt her ability to tell a damn good story?

With or without categories, sub-categories or labels, we are women who love to write and love the process of telling a tale to make you smile or cry.

Yes, and since I followed this loop all day, I also gathered a dozen or so more web pages of writers I want to read.

Gees Louise …
what a way to spend the day

fOIS In The City


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9 responses to “Crabby cranks …

  1. Mary Runser

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, Fois!! There are some of us older women who have plenty to say, even through characters who are older and still enjoy sex…egads!!!!
    As a women about to turn 50, in five years, I challenge anyone to tell me that I do not have something to say, to write, and something that someone else might want to read. So I am right there with you. Keep speaking your mind and writing your heart. Happy Birthday!!!!


  2. Fois – first of all, I wish I’d known you three weeks ago as I just spent a week in New York. Been there many times, took my partner there for the first time this summer and had a great time, as always, just wandering.

    But secondly, I’m with you. I love YA, truly, but in one of my books I have a character who is 83 years old. She’s been engaged dozens of times and never married – but one of these days she’s going to get married. Until then, she’s an amazing woman, as are her three friends, the Gossip Queens.

    I love those women, love writing about them, and I think there are plenty of women who want to read about strong, crazy, fascinating older women.

    You go.



  3. Amen. Approaching 50 I want to write love stories and read love stories with older heroines. Every woman is not an 18 year old virgin.


  4. Love that picture at the top!!! You were a hippie?? Well, I should’ve known 😉 I love that you write whatever compels you. That’s what it’s all about!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Big hugs and best wishes for many more!


  5. Yay! I’ve found my tribe. (I prefer the term “gutsy geezerettes”) The Woodstock generation is not dead. And we’re not sitting in the parlor waiting for the vicar and tatting #&*@ing antimacassars.

    Why should publishers care about women over 40 having sex? Because over 50% of book buyers are women over 40 who–oh, horrors!–have sex.)

    If RWA doesn’t want Women’s Fiction, maybe we need our own association?

    Grown-up Writers of America?

    Keep up the noise on this subject. Gather the troops. I’m in.


  6. Yes, ex-hippies of the world unite 🙂

    Thanks to everyone. I think I am leaning towards Gutsy Geezerettes as an anthem.

    Love the sentiments and I appreciate the comments.


  7. Oh, you are so right. I am happy to a baby boomer. When my youngest was in her teens, we had those discussions mothers are supposed to have with their kids about sex. I used to remind her that her 80-year-old aunt was probably still having sex.
    I recently submitted a short-short story to a contest. One of my characters is in her sixties and quite a flirt.
    Every generation has something to say!!


  8. I agree wholeheartedly. I think RWA is a great org, but they are also perprtuating a stereotype by excluding certain sub-genres & age groups. I’m a bit away from “geezer” status, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to read or write about the lives of women over the age of 24. In fact, as I mature, so do my stories and my heroines.

    BTW – Happy Birthday!


  9. I love this post, and I’ve been finding out for the past couple of months that I love being 60, too. The discussion on WF has been so much fun, and revealing, too. It’s stuff we’ve been shrieking to publishers for years, but they don’t seem to get it. Even when they try an “older” imprint, their marketing is lame.

    Let’s hope the Geezerettes can gain enough voice to change things.


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