Fall for a change …

The first day of Autumn was yesterday 
… September 23rd  … 
It was also my birthday.  Happy Birthday!


Autumn leaves begin to fall …

I see the rolling hills and wide-open fields, bursting with colors to dazzle the imagination.  Perhaps for some, it is difficult to think of a city as an ever-changing landscape, its winding avenues banked with ancient oak, and the many extraordinary parks. Trees standing next to fire hydrants and stop signs, traffic signals and bus stops, weaving their way in and out of our varied neighborhoods, the orange and yellow, crimson and bronze.

Breathe in the scents of the burnish leaves as they dance along the sidewalk, and the ever presence of water, from the ocean to the Narrows, the base of the Hudson River, the East River to the Harlem River. Follow the channels of the Arthur Kill surrounding the small town of Tottenville, the open waters surrounding City Island, the peninsulas of Plum Beach, the waters churning, alive and welcoming, snaking around the islands of New York City, linked with tunnels, bridges and ferries.

Walking through the park I smile at the children rolling down the hills, rolling in the crackle of fallen leaves. This is their time to revel, while I am consigned to a park bench and memories. It is my turn to find the perfect costumes, prepare the apples to dunk and create a Jack-O-Lantern, a light on the windowsill, a marker of time.

Autumn in New York, with the air becoming crisp and clear and the mood of the city turning toward shorter days, sporting a blazer and taking out the blankets and sweaters from moth balls, nature preparing to sleep.

Turning the clock
Hand towards
Tomorrow with,



See the origin of the autumn leaves in the park. Top photo by JenG


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5 responses to “Fall for a change …

  1. Janet

    Happy Birthday, Happy Autumn in New York- sounds wonderful.


  2. gorgeous shots! I love the fall colors!


  3. Happy Birthday!

    I love living here in paradise on the coast of CA, but in the fall, I miss the New England where I grew up–so much it hurts.


  4. Lovely post and photos. Two of my favorite items in blogs. Thanks for contacdting me. 🙂

    Oh, I love the wisdom I find on the RWA-WF loop. Do glad you found me there.


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