From the mouths of babes …

Some time ago a friend of mine was asked by her precocious seven-year old son, “Mommie?  Where do I come from?” 

She broke out in a cold sweat and started painstakingly explaining to the little boy about the birds and the bees and how when Daddy shows his love for Mommy … and on she went in what she considered an honest and forthcoming rendering of the facts of life. 

When she was finished she asked him nervously, “Do you have any questions?”     

He screwed up his face and pushed his hands in his pockets, shifting uncomfortably from one foot to the other.  “Well see … Mrs. Carter asked everyone where they came from.  Jimmy said he came from Cincinnati … so ?”  

“I just wanted to know where I came from, is all.”

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3 responses to “From the mouths of babes …

  1. amiekaufman

    Bwahaha! I love it! I teach mediation and communication for a living (when I’m not being an aspiring writer), and we’re always talking about interrogating the question–making sure you know what it is! I might borrow this joke next time I teach to make that point!


  2. Kids crack me up, even if I don’t have any of my own. I think the way their brain works, the way they pose questions or deduce things logically, is just brilliant. And often entertaining.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. CL Parks

    My kids got to go with me to one of my hubby’s gigs. We stayed over at a friend’s that night in IL so the kids could swim the next day.
    The next morning, while loading the equipment into the truck, my daughter looked to one of the guys and said, “Are you in the band?”
    “I’m the singer, honey. Don’t you remember me from last night?”
    “Honey, I had so much soda last night, I barely remember my own family.”

    This came from my eleven year old mentally challenged daughter. Our home is never without Mistyisms, which translates into much amusement!


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