My best friend …

While working feverishly on a rewrite, I am going to take the easy route this month and try to feature my favorite bloggers and one very special photo blog, my daughter JenG.

Several times this month, with permission, I will feature my favorite posts from several of the bloggers and writers I read weekly.

During the month November I will fill in with short posts to allow me the time I need to complete my work.

There is a special bond mothers have for each of their children, but mothers who have one or more of each sex will attest to the fact that there really is bold difference between our sons and daughters.

Not long ago I told the young mother of a newborn baby girl that one day she would know she had just given birth to her best friend. A son is a son until he takes a wife, but a daughter is your daughter for all of your life. Believe it.

My daughter, a typical Lion child, and The Sunshine of My Life, is a fierce and loyal woman of diverse interests and talents. I will say, and any mother has the right, that for years I have secretly hoped she would one day follow a path I believe was set for her decades ago when as a short, skinny kid with big ears and a mouth to match, she went off to sleep-away camp for the first time hugging her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic.

In the last three years she has embraced the gift I believe she was given and has begun to pursue her passion for photography.

I present JenG and her vision of the world in which she lives, New York City, from Battery Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, uptown and down, its bridges and rivers and its amazing mix of people and architecture.

I have followed her work since that first camera. Now that she has decided to study photography, I am bubbling with excitement.

My fondest memories of my big brother were those of the dark room he erected in our parent’s bedroom. The technology has changed dramatically since that time, but the dedication of the photographer and their “eye” for the unique has continued to thrill me.

I am happy I could share these few of her many photographs of our world.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most spectacular bridges in the world. She ranks in the top ten world-wide.

In color or black and white, this is my favorite view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Take a guess where these stairs are located?

Taken from Jersey it still feels like the Hudson belongs to New York.

Built from odd symbols on subway trains, this medium has evolved into graffiti art.

From Thomas to “Con” … Edison is a hallmark throughout north-east.

Thanks for viewing us today.

fOIS In The City




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4 responses to “My best friend …

  1. I love these little trips to New York you give us with your wonderful photographs. I’m here in a tiny town on the other coast, so it’s very fun to travel to a place that seems so exotic to me now.


  2. Thanks Anne, I love doing the pieces on The City as well and when I can feature my daughter’s photographs it gives me an extra little thrill.


  3. These are such great photos. The last one of the fountain is my fave. What fab news! Photograhy is such an awesome art form… I often wish I had gone into it.

    I hope my daughter and I have the same type of relationshop you do with yours when she’s grown. 🙂


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