Nothing comes to mind …

It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.  Mark Twain

With the wit and intellect of Mark Twain, I face the empty blog page and cringe. No idea what to say?

I am empty-headed tonight, pulling up random thoughts and trying to thread them into a cohesive fabric you might then unravel.

Back to the tried and true method of word association. Have you ever played the parlor game where you whisper a sentence to the person next to you and so on, around the table until the last who is to repeat it out loud?

Better, have you ever played with a Freudian Psychoanalyst? There’s a bundle of laughs. Word association is supposed to give them a clue to the inner workings of your sub-conscious mind.

I can guarantee, you do not want to venture into my sub-conscious. I know, I don’t.

Okay … I’ll pick a word … any word.

Lollygag is a good word. To saunter, to take too much time getting to the kitchen when your mother calls you to dinner. “Don’t you lollygag when I’m calling you, young lady.”

Balderdash is another fun word. Nonsense, makes no sense and if you had any good sense you would know it was a foolish waste of time.

Homonyms are my worst nemesis. Waste as in to use a belt or waist as in it is a shame to not eat all your food.

If I were staring at you and I had a starring role in a play I wouldn’t know if I should stare at you while you star in the lead. I could say I reversed them on purpose for the means of being funny.

Phrases that make me nuts, such as “being in the moment.” Like I have a choice or maybe I could wiggle my nose and not be in this moment.

“This has been the worst day of my entire life.”  Oh, so you’re going to drop dead now?

“I have never been so insulted.”  Wait, I’ll try better next time.

Try to have a conversation with someone who talks in clichés or repeats the same word …

Like, you know. You know, I don’t get it. You know, he was right there.  You know, I’m going to hit you in the head with a hammer.

When I started I didn’t think I had anything to say. Now I am convinced.

Remember not to bang your head against the wall too many times, you could get hurt.

fOIS In The City


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8 responses to “Nothing comes to mind …

  1. I wonder if it’s something in the stars–maybe that 13th constellation is emptying everybody’s head or something. I’ve been feeling the same–my head has nothing in it. I don’t want to blog, or start my new novel, or do much thinking at all. Just want to go to the beach and stare.

    But you’ve entertained me.

    “This has been the worst day of my entire life.” Oh, so you’re going to drop dead now?

    “I have never been so insulted.” Wait, I’ll try better next time.”

    Two of the best New Yorker lines I’ve ever heard. Gotta have that accent.

    Love it.


  2. christicorbett

    I really like using the word Lollygag as much as possible. It’s such a fun word to say…especially to kids.

    Thanks for the fun words,

    Christi Corbett


  3. For someone who was feeling empty-headed, you produced a fun post. That takes skill.

    I like the word balderdash. Since I write historicals, older words like that with a rich robust flavor appeal to me. They feel good in my mouth and sound good to my ear.

    Have a great weekend.


  4. See there… just when you think you have nothing to say, you end up with a clever and funny post! I think all our cliches and figurative speeches are what makes learning English as a second language so challenging.

    I use them all the time. And sometimes I stop myself in speaking because I wanna edit the cliches… lol!


    • thanks for the comments, PK … I think I actually read there is an advanced editing software that catches all cliches and also anything you might have taken from another work by mistake … Techno-babble make me crazy 🙂


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