To the wearin’ of the green …

My ex-bless his soul is half Italian and half Irish. The Irish half was his red-headed, freckled-faced father, who oddly enough everyone called Red.

Red didn’t like me much. Thought I was a bad influence on his much too shy young son.

In an effort to forge a new peace agreement I found out that one of his favorite treats for Saint Patrick’s Day was Irish Soda Bread. Off I went to the supermarket, armed with a recipe passed down from his grand old mum, Gran Margaret Mary O’Connor.

I mixed and I kneaded and I added the correct ingredients. What could be a problem for someone who considered herself the best baker in the family?

I made four, round mounds. They felt a bit “hefty” to me, but truth be known this Italian gal had never eaten the stuff.

On the intended day, we went to his parent’s house, where we would all feast on his Italian mom’s version of corn beef and cabbage. My husband provided the Guinness stout and I proudly offered two of the round mounds as my contribution to the celebration.

They could have been used as the proverbial “blunt objects” in a murder. They might have been if my ex had not kicked me squarely in the shin as his father announced, “Look at this mum, the I-tie thinks I needed a couple of new garden stones.”


                   AND TO THOSE WHO WISH THEY WERE


fOIS In The City

Happy leprechaun
"Red's" gran was given another name for privacy.


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5 responses to “To the wearin’ of the green …

  1. christicorbett

    You can’t just leave us hanging…what did you say after that scathing comment?

    Christi Corbett


    • One would think knowing me as I am now that I would have had a great come-back to Red.

      I must admit my young, rebel heart was cut to the quick, my shin was sore from my ex kicking me and one look at my mother-in-law standing behind Red and shaking her head and I knew … this was a time for me to be silent and let him have his Saint Patty joke on me 🙂

      I never again made Irish soda bread and to this day when I see it in a bakery I walk quickly in another direction.


  2. DM

    Funny story. Loved it. I like to make Irish Soda Bread on this day too, and I’ve had some turn out quite heavy. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


  3. Bruce LaClaire

    Florence that was funny!


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