A silent night …

There is no purpose
To this
Mean block of time

 It screams naked through
The cold city streets
Leaving a trail of useless
Rubble in its wake

Naked woman of bones
Finding no fat
No lean
Moving on

 Finding no shelter from
The north wind
Tireless and howling
Long wind traveling
Through a silent night

Naked woman of bones
Finding no fat
No lean
Moving on

To a time
That has gone
Beyond her reach


fOIS In The City

Picture by JenG


Filed under City Scapes, Poetry Wednesday

6 responses to “A silent night …

  1. I knew you were a poet. I could just tell.

    I tried posting a comment on your work you posted for Toni’s story, but I kept getting an error response. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I tried…. I’m a little behind in blog visits these days. Count me as tardy, party of 1. 🙂


    • A poet from a Connecticut group of poets left me a thumbs up for this one. I told them … I am merely an interloper, flying under the radar … and hardly a poet.

      I do still love reading and playing with poems.
      Doesn’t matter if you are tardy … good of you to visit 🙂


  2. christicorbett

    This sets the tone for the picture perfectly.

    Christi Corbett


    • The poem is from my original “Ramblings” journal” and is dated 1976 …

      The photograph is from my daughter’s collection of this past winter …

      I love the feelings her photography evokes and often I go hunting for something to match … in this case it was the other way around … I wanted to post this poem and then I found her photo. Thanks Christi 🙂


  3. DM

    Loved the meaning of this piece. I loved the last two lines the best.


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