For the times, there are a changin …

At every juncture of history, there is only one truth we can know for sure. No matter what our reality is today, it is bound like hell fire to change.

Being a hopeless compulsive, I used several empty hours this week to catch up on news, blogs, books, radio and all manner of escape to come to this evening’s post with a message.

Not only are the times changing, they are changing at such a harrowing speed, that even those individuals who have been working for years behind the scene to effect the change, are amazed at its enormous impact.

People who only twenty-four months ago raised their noses to such a notion are now rushing to embrace and cash in on … the crazy electronic phenom.

The most dramatic change among bloggers who have been followed by thousands for years is Joe Konrath.

Joe decided to e-publish the books he used to give away on his web page for free and charge people like $2.99 or $1.99 …

Fast forward and Joe has established a successful e-publication career. Today Joe is talking to a NYT Best Seller who has made publishing history with an unorthodox decision.

I found this on Jane Friedman’s blog, There Are No Rules … link to her blog and then link to the PDF version of the full interview.

Ebooks and Self-Publishing – A Dialog Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath

 Joe: To the casual observer, you appear to be heavily invested in the legacy publishing system. They’ve been good to you, they helped you get onto the NYT bestseller list, made you wealthy with several large deals, and seem to have treated you fairly.

Barry: Well, I don’t know about wealthy, but I’ve been making a living writing novels for almost a decade now, which is a pretty great way to live.

Joe: You had six-figure and seven-figure deals. Logic dictates anyone offered a deal like that should leap at it.

Barry: You wouldn’t.

Joe: But I never had the treatment you had from legacy publishers. I would walk away from a big deal now, most certainly, because I have two years of data proving I can do better on my own.However, what if a NYT bestseller were offered, say, half a million dollars for two books?

Or, more specifically, let’s say you were offered that.

You’d take it. Right?

Barry: Well, I guess not… 😉

Joe: So… no BS… you were just offered half a mil, and you turned it down?

Barry: Yes.

Joe. Holy shit!

Barry: I know it’ll seem crazy to a lot of people, but based on what’s happening in the industry, and based on the kind of experience writers like you are having in self-publishing, I think I can do better in the long term on my own.

Joe: Holy shit!

Sorry. That needed to be said twice.

Barry: It’s okay, I like when you talk dirty.

We are living in remarkable times, aren’t we?

Joe: Indeed. “Barry Eisler Walks Away From $500,000 Deal to Self-Pub” is going to be one for the Twitter Hall of Fame.


Two days ago I got an email from a member of my RWA-WF group telling me she is going to give the traditional route a couple more chances and then she’s going to self publish.

Dozens of this group of almost two-hundred writers have gone this route, or to the indie pub, or to e-publishers like  Elora’s Cave and dozens more popular e-pubs.

More and more I hear people say they don’t want to be bothered with the constant state of depression and rejection involved in going to “old” route.

Where is your heart and how firm is your mind-set on this subject?

fOIS In The City

Changing Times
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3 responses to “For the times, there are a changin …

  1. christicorbett

    This is a FANTASTIC post and I can hardly wait to see all the comments on what people are thinking.

    Christi Corbett


  2. DM

    Florence, take a look at my blog where I give the link the ‘The Perfect Write Newsletter.’ ( He covered this topic and had some interesting information. Like everyone else, I will give agents one more try and head into e-publishing, like everyone else. Not everyone, tho, makes a lot or sells a lot of books. But the times, as you say, are a changing.


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