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It’s Sunday evening, my mind is a blank page, and I am searching madly for post ideas to publish for Monday. Most Wednesdays are covered by “Poetry Wednesday,” a feature I have taken from the journals I kept while my children were babies and often,wonderfully, add to photographs my daughter takes.

I love my Silent Fridays  feature of talented artists and photographers without aid of narrative. They do say a picture speaks a thousand words. There is also my newly organized collection of City Scapes. The former, of course, is always on a Friday and the latter either on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday … in other words … I never know when I’ll post about The City.

So Mondays, the bleeping beginning of each week goes undone. I am short on writerly advice, although I read the best on such blogs as PK Hrezo, Anne R. Allen and my newest terrific find … Nina Badzin. I get a heads up on contests, great quotations and lots of positive vibes from my soul-mate Christi Corbett and inspiration and good news from Carol Garvin, Careann’s Musings. Please visit  Magical Musings, a wonderful group of writers from my women’s fiction group, Writer Unboxed, an award-winning blog and more of the talented women from my RWA-WF group, and Romance Writers on the Journey with Keli Gwyn.

I love falling back on the tried and true blogs of Lydia Sharp at The Sharp Angle and Write it sideways with Suzannah from “down under” and her great writer’s posts and monthly features. I add to my mix a wonderful blog which features excerpts of urban fantasy, sci-fi and a beautiful collection of new and modern writings from Lara Dunning at A Writer’s Blog. 

The the professional blogs of agents and established writers are varied, from Jennifer Crusie talking about her love for her dog to Rachelle Gardner talking about her love of her work.

Guide to Literary Agents is chock-full of great information and advice, and other agent blogs filled with more advice and some ominous forebodings about what not to do when you tweet, post or write queries. Some days I’m terrified just to put my ten little fingers on the keyboard for fear I’ll mess up my image. That’s rich … what image is that kiddo?

I haven’t covered all of those blogs I truly love, or the writers whose careers and books I follow for years, but I think you get the picture.

Visiting and commenting and keeping up with industry news, current events, the latest scandal from American Idol or the last elimination of Dancing With The Stars, not to mention reality TV, CNN and CNBC Wall Street can make a person mad and take waaaaay too much of her time.

So I cordoned off a block of time each day, restrict myself to only one or two hours of TV, the same for internet surfing, blog reading and comment posting.

If you think that isn’t enough, I belong to one of the most active writer’s groups in RWA … RWA-Women’s Fiction on-line chapter has introduced me to some of our newest, up-and-coming women’s fiction writers and I promise, these women will provide you with hours of great reading.

They have staked out a corner of the market place for the best multi-genre, romantic, mysterious, fantastical and paranormal stories you can buy today.

In the next several months I will reintroduce my book review, guest blog and author interview features …

That’s it!

Mondays will be for book reviews, guest blogs and author interviews. Am I not the one or what??

Today, however, I haven’t lined up any of them so I’ll reprint a silly piece I sent to Lydia Sharp over at The Sharp Angle for one of her all too fun-filled contests about  broken bones.

I give you a couple of my poor little toes. I hope you enjoy. This is all true. I mean not even I could make up something so ridiculous.


Funny bone here

We moved from a ten-room house in New Jersey to a small one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. I managed to squeeze in all of the essentials … and leaving the husband behind, gave us a great deal of extra space to move around.

On moving day, my son and my husband had a long discussion about the larger than life rocking horse which sat between the dinning and living room of our house. Made in the image of a vintage carrousel horse this was no tiny little pony and shaky seat. This was a wonderful masterpiece that took the hubby ten hours to construct on the night before my son’s first Christmas.

After hours of negotiations and arguments, the dog and the rocking horse came with me to Brooklyn, the big red fire engine and four boxes of toys went with daddy to Staten Island.

This apartment building was my first venture into multiple dwellings. In winter, the halls turned into a giant day care, with a gaggle of kids who found their way into my long, narrow hallway, otherwise known as the kid’s playroom.

The dog barked and the newly acquired cat jumped, the kids ran in and out and mom tried to monitor the door and count heads. Each time I ran to answer the bell I ran toe-first into our classic rocking horse. Four times in five years, I also managed to break one of my toes. It was the middle one twice and the little pinky toe once.

The last was in the middle of a blizzard. The dog escaped and ran in circles in the hall chasing four kids, the cat jumped on top of the stereo speakers and hissed at everyone and the next-door neighbor yelled, “Can’t you do something about all this noise?”

I looked down the hall at the man, saw one of our summer beach balls rolling on the floor between my legs, in an effort to kick it, like a soccer ball at his head, missed the ball, and hit the base of the rocking horse, breaking not one, but three toes.

Five years later the rocking horse, the dog and the cat found new homes, and my babies and me moved to Manhattan’s, Washington Heights. My middle toe still aches when the weather changes.

I don’t mind because it conjures up the best memories of them growing up, crazy, free and happy in Brooklyn.

fOIS In The City


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23 responses to “My mind is a blank page …

  1. THanks for the mention, Florence. I shall have to check out these other blogs now…. I love recommendations! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the shout out! A year ago, we changed the focus of Magical Musings from writers to writers and readers.

    My own blog is usually about what’s going on in my own writing career or excerpts/guest posts, etc. But once in a while I miss blogging about writing and the writing life.

    It sounds like you have a great plan for your blogs.


  3. DM

    Nice blog. Always good to find new blogs to check out.


  4. Thanks for the Magical Musings shout out, Florence. We love having you over there 🙂 . And thanks for the other recommendations, too!


  5. I really enjoyed this, but I must admit that the story about your broken toes was the best part! Sounds pretty crazy but those are the times you’ll remember, right? When you look back at your life with the kids and their friends, it will be with a smile on your face and a small chuckle that you’ll recall with fondness – always.


    • Thanks for stopping to visit, Patti … yes … it is the memory of them as babies … each phase of their little life poking at us from places we didn’t know we had …

      The broken toe is still a “pain” 🙂


  6. christicorbett

    Thanks for the link!

    I’m wondering if you have a picture of the rocking horse from your broken toe(s) story? You described it so beautifully that I’d love to see the real culprit of broken bones 🙂

    Have a great Monday.

    Christi Corbett


    • Somewhere there are pictures of him and his dad with the original horse. I’ll have to go and dig them up and scan them.

      It was so big that for the first six months, someone had to put him on it because he was too short to climb up by himself …

      Thanks as always 🙂


  7. Thanks so much for the mention!! I love being a new fav find. 😉

    Here’s what I do to deal with blogger’s block: I only post once a week! It really helps!


    • My trusted blogger friend, Anne Allen just gave me similar advice. I’ll think about it for the future. For now, I’ve gotten the habit of mon/wed/fri and unless I run out of material or cute ways to say so, I’ll stick to the three days.

      Anne is a great resource for us all and she has built a very successful blog doing sundays only.
      thanks for stopping by. I love having you as a new fav also 🙂


  8. Thanks for the mention! I know most of those blogs, but not PKs. I’ll check it out!

    Love the LOL cat picture.

    You’re a very ambitious blogger, and I love your posts, but you don’t have to push yourself that much if it isn’t working. 2-day or even 1-day a week blogs can do very well.


  9. Monica Gudlewski

    Thanks for these wonderful links – they’ll keep me out of trouble all week. Christi Corbett and Anne Allen are already favorites for their generosity and friendliness.

    Your rocking horse story is a good one.


  10. Monica Gudlewski



  11. Hi there! I loved your story about the rocking horse. I’m smack in the middle of such injury-prone years right now. Most involve stepping on my son’s little Batman action figures in the middle of the night when I sneak into his room to check on him.

    As far as blogging, I admire you for several-time-a-week blog posts! I can barely keep up with once a week.


    • Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for coming to visit. I remember those little tiny Fisher Price people everywhere. The dog loved to chew on them and one of them was bound to find me in the middle of the night 🙂


  12. Thanks for the mention here, Florence, and for stopping in at my blog today. I’m not going to get individual replies off to everyone as much as I enjoyed reading all their comments. Being featured on “Freshly Pressed” today provided lots of additional exposure, but oh my goodness… so much additional blog traffic — over 60 comments and 2500 visits!

    Loved your story about the move, but three broken toes? Ouch!!!


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