through the window …


Shaken from painful slumber
Arms reaching out
Finding air

Words form without sound
Into circles of darkness

Defused moonlight
From a broken shade

Slowly the room with its
Familiar shadows return

Dreams splatter against walls
Shadows recede to corners

I sit up and it begins
Retracing the dream

Worn pathways to
Endless corridors

Of unanswerable questions
Believing naively

After all these years
You finally have a name


fOIS In The City

Poetry Wednesday
Keep the window open


Filed under Poetry Wednesday

11 responses to “through the window …

  1. DM

    Well, you know how I love poems. This one is unique. I love the picture with it. As always, great job.


  2. christicorbett

    Your poems are giving me a new appreciation for the art of poetry.


    Christi Corbett


  3. Monica Gudlewski

    Yes, continue! How wonderful.


  4. Oh I like this, Florence! Very much!


  5. laradunning

    The picture compliments the poem nicely. I really like this poem, it has so much heartache in it.


  6. This was so beautiful, and the picture relaxed me. Thanks for sharing!


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