The Writer’s Life … Part I

What kind of life do you have if you have the writer’s life?

Do you have a designated office, far from the madding crowd? Is there a small corner in your abode where no one enters until you have done your allotted work for the day? Do you have someone, somewhere in the background of your life who runs interference and keeps the kids, the daily chores and the responsibilities of family and friends from distracting your muse until you are ready to face those obstacles haphazardly placed at your feet?

Can you steal away for hours with no interruption?

If you are young, the world is convinced that you can multi-task with alacrity and grace, juggle the kids, the hubby, the house, meals, shopping, community, friends, part or full-time work and still have time for social networking.

As the children grow, so do the responsibilities and headaches, called teenagers, texting, tweeting, facebooking, monitoring their friends, activities and remaining sane. Have you learned how to be all and do all for everyone and also pretend you are a publicist?

Oh, I am so sorry honey, did you say this was your designated hour to write?

Babe, do you know where my gray suit is?

Oh, which one of us is taking the kids to swim class next week?

Naturally, you have a TBR list of books almost as tall as your body? You might keep astride of a weekly blog schedule, perhaps you guest on other blogs, organize writers in your town, attend conferences, join on-line groups, and comment on five to ten blogs a day.

There are dozens of different models of what the writer’s life may be.

Which is yours and how do you manage and still maintain a high level of energy and creativity?

fOIS In The City

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14 responses to “The Writer’s Life … Part I

  1. Monica Gudlewski

    It’s never easy… 🙂


  2. DM

    Do the ‘kids’ ever really grow up? I have this nice little corner that’s mine, but gets invaded constantly. Somedays, I’m lucky to get in an hour of reading/writing time.
    Great post! I can really relate to the subject.


  3. christicorbett

    This post is soooooo true…especially since I was interrupted several times while trying to read it by demanding children, pets, and the phone 🙂

    Christi Corbett


  4. I’m an Empty Nester with a small home office where I hole up for hours on end with only my characters for company.


  5. I think to write you have to be able to imagine yourself in the idyllic cabin setting of your first photo, even if you’re really being the domestic Kali in the second. But I sure spend a lot of time feeling like the woman at the desk in the last one! Arrgghh.


  6. Thanx for directing me this way, Ramblings. You’re right, this blog is right on subject with mine. Way too funny.

    No, I don’t think it ever gets easier. My BIL is retired and cannot find enough to keep himself busy. Ah, I wait for that day.


  7. I have an office. Right now, my cat is on my desk and my two dogs on the floor. I’m my worst enemy, hopping onto social networks instead of writing. Like now. lol


    • I know the feeling. Sometimes I wonder where the time goes. It’s too easy to get sucked into the “traffic” we have between our group and the blogs.

      I like the sound of the cat and the two dogs 🙂


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