Finale … The Writer’s Life …

What separates those of us in the writer’s life from … let’s say … quasi-normal folks? Are we much different from other artists, photographers, musicians, those driven to perform, entertain and enrich the everyday life of others?

The answer is simple. Heck no!

We want to entertain, we love to draw you into our circle of thoughts, weave a magic web to ensnare and capture those special moments for your singular pleasure.

We also love to talk to each other, support and cheer on, help and advise, and set positive examples for each other. Do you have a problem with character development, point of view, or plot points? Is that opening sentence driving nails in your head?

Can you remember how many times you’ve rewritten the first paragraph or are you so secure, you have revised, rewritten or torn apart everything else except that first paragraph?

When you get bogged down with self-doubt does your critique group or partner bolster your resolve and encourage you to move forward? How many times have you felt lost or stupefied and your best reader saved your day and a few hundred pages of your draft?

The most defining separation of the artist and his solitary journey, the author and her writerly life is not only our singular determination, but the knowing that when things get rough, we have each other.

That’s the best part of the writer’s life.

Being in this business is like having an entre to the inner circle, being a member of an elite group of men and women who gather in small and large, local and national groups and offer each other the support and inspiration we desperately need to continue.

Social networking is not only for the means of gaining recognition, it is also the means whereby we can find shelter from the storm, a light at the end of the tunnel, and a like-minded group of other writers who understand why we can’t seem to walk away and take up knitting.

The next time you visit a new blogger, or you leave a comment on a post, remember you are also helping yourself. The expression is perfect … pay it forward.

It’s like the writer’s golden rule. Go visit the new guy’s blog and let them know they are being heard. Leave comments on places you visit daily. Read side columns on other blogs and find new resources.

Don’t be afraid to change, add or delete and find the best places to learn and expand your world.

During this week alone, I have commented and read three blogs and an author’s web site on the subject of e-books, the issue of self-publishing, and finding and saving new places where you can get free advise about your query, your first 250 words or your first sentence.

I have added newbies to my fav file and in time I will begin to visit new sites and leave comments or leave quietly. Oh yes, leave quietly, and if you don’t like something or someone the first time, try a couple more times.

If you get no response or the tenor of the posts are not to our liking, keep it to yourself and move on. There’s plenty room enough in cyber-space to satisfy every little devil.

What do you find in a blog that makes you want to return and/or leave comments?

fOIS In The City

Note:   As this week ends my finalist entry on Write It Sideways is being posted Saturday, Sunday and Monday; April 23, 24 and 25. I’d be delighted if you detour to WIS and read my entry, and leave a comment only if I have earned it. Voting will be in May. I’ll remind you, I promise.

Please read and enjoy all eight finalist. I am in the middle of an amazing group of bloggers. 

Tomorrow through Monday, I’ll leave a reminder at the top of my post.


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10 responses to “Finale … The Writer’s Life …

  1. I enjoy visiting my writing buddies’ blogs to see how they’re doing. I hope all’s well with you. Happy Easter!


  2. DM

    Love this topic! I like blogs that don’t delve into their very personal lives or rant against their spouse. I love discovering new blogs and checking out blogs recommended by others. Sometimes I don’t leave comments, due to time, but I am loyal to blogs I like; like yours.


  3. christicorbett

    Congrats on the Write it Sideways contest! I’ll be over there checking out once it’s posted 🙂

    Christi Corbett


    • Since I met so many others from knowing you, this post has a special meaning for the two of us.

      Thanks my good friend. I have also been reading the other seven finalist. I am in good company. I know I can count on your support and your vote 🙂


  4. mgudlewski

    I like to visit many different blogs for a variety of perspectives. And it’s always nice when you can find something useful or inspiring. Thanks for another post full of good ideas. Speaking of new blogs, I launched mine yesterday – hope you will visit!

    Happy weekend


  5. Great subject for a post–and you’ve put it very well. I also like it that you use the expression “pay it forward” which was coined by my mentor, Catherine Ryan Hyde.

    Commenting on blogs is essential to blogging. I advise writers to start commenting on blogs BEFORE you start blogging. That way you have name recognition. When you start your blog, people will know who you are, and if they like what they see, they’ll come over and visit. Most of my first followers came over after seeing my comments on blogs like Nathan Bransford’s and Rachelle Gardner’s. I came here because I saw your comment on another blog.

    The comments here are so true. A writing blog shouldn’t read like a Christmas letter. “I did this fabulous thing, and my wonderful spouse did that and my 2.4 children are geniuses, and my dog is soooo cute…” I don’t even like reading those when they come from my relatives. From strangers? Not a chance.


    • Not only do I take in and learn from your weekly posts, I often refer other bloggers to your site as well.

      Thanks for telling me where “pay it forward” originated. I have used her quotes before and didn’t know that was one of hers.

      Thanks Anne, you set the bar high enough for us to strive to do better each time we reach 🙂


  6. Oh good luck, Florence!! I’ll get by there to read asap. Kids are on spring break so I’m limited in internet time.

    Anyway, I love this post. It’s so tru. It has opened a world of support and learning by entering the blogosphere. It really is a universe all its own. I love the knowledge that is shared and shoulders that are lent for support when needed.

    i especially like those bloggers who not only share their wisdom, but show a bit of themselves–their humanity as well. You are one of them.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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