A poet’s sigh …

Lovers  I …

Pale shadows of
The moon
Fill the room
With a lover’s sigh

Small noises of silence
Rise and fall
Blending a lover’s song

Held tight within
Four walls
The rush of blue heat
Softly rocking the night
The calm of a
Lover’s sleep


Lovers II …

Rolling over in the morning
Reluctant to greet the
Stretch of light
Moving across the room

I close my eyes
And pretend you
Are still there

The morning has not
Yet arrived
With her myriad of activities
Has not intruded upon the
Long night of loving

Children rush to other rooms
Calling out to each other
Poking under the blankets
Calling to me

The morning
Full and happy
Dances like a child
In the spring rain

Pulls me up and out
To meet another day
Leaving me with the
Warm afterglow
Of your touch

The sleepy-eyed smiling
Of my children
And your side of the bed
Empty again


fOIS In The City 

Poetry Wednesday photographs:  (1) Blue Moon  (2) Sunrise/JenG



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5 responses to “A poet’s sigh …

  1. Monica

    Thanks for sharing your talent in this blog. I’m going to look forward to Poetry Wednesday each week.


  2. christicorbett


    Your words are sheer loveliness!

    Christi Corbett


  3. laradunning

    Wonderful poems. Very relatalbe and brought out the tender nature of Lovers.


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