Better late …

I am not sure what I am doing. Late to post … however … at the eleventh hour decided to put one more effort into this … supposed to be “silent” Friday. Ooops, blew that one already.

It reminds us both of the ten years of ballet lessons, the countless recitals and the wonder of a little girl.

Salute to the next generation.
The baby of a friend and the ones who will take over what we have left behind.

Shadows of a moment in time.

Her’s has always been the bluest eye, the defining look at her mom and at her world. JenCg … my “third eye” pro. She freezes moments for me and for you too.

fOIS In The City

The pictures are all hers once again.


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7 responses to “Better late …

  1. I left a comment, but it went away. Blogger’s been eating comments all week. Whole blogs disappeared yesterday. Twitter’s on constant Fail Whale and FB is squirrelly. Wonder what’s up?

    Really lovely photos, BTW!


    • I have spent a frustrating week battling with my modem, wireless router, software and all those damn cookies and cache … hate the entire system and miss my damn Royal manual about now.

      I’ll get over it and catch up with all my mail by the end of the w/e

      The photos are my daughter. Thanks for this and the comment on WIS.


  2. Monica

    Very beautiful. The dancer photo is amazing.


  3. laradunning

    All the photos say so much! I think I have some story ideas in my head now. Thank you!


  4. DM

    Wonderful tribute. Sorry for not commenting more. Blogging problems.


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