When is enough, enough?

This is about our plight to publish.

When is enough, enough? When will you trade in the pain of rejection for the unsure future of publishing your own book?

I have the answer for myself and like many of my fellow aspiring writers on the net, I have a very strong constitution and am determined to push ahead until I am vindicated in print “my way.”

I began searching different sites for information and inspiration, for other opinions and found dozens of individual perceptions on this subject.

The main topics of conversation through the blogosphere center on “how” to get published. How to write a good book, or a good query.

You should read this at least once every week … and I mean every week. Jane Friedman, Writer’s Digest. From this one site, you can hyperlink and refer to all the other sites she recommends. It’s a writing course of its own.

On Anne R. Allen’s blog for Sunday, May 22nd, her guest, Ruth Harris writes  about how we might react to the many sundry reasons we get rejected by agents and/or editors.

This morning, I went to Rachelle Gardner’s blog , Rants & Ramblings On Life as a Literary Agent, and caught up with one weeks’ posts. It is worth your time to read all five posts, from Monday, May 16 through Friday, May 20.

Ms. Gardner’s posts are about some of the negatives in the agent/editor relationship … the old adage of “be careful what you wish for.”

The time to do something is now, and although some might have many winters in their pasts, there is nothing but a wide open road ahead.


How about you, do you read agent blogs, and absorb every morsel of inside information? What good advice have you read lately?

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6 responses to “When is enough, enough?

  1. I had no idea such great resources were out there. Thank you!


  2. christicorbett

    Great links! Thanks for sharing!

    Christi Corbett


  3. DM

    Thanks. This is a lot of great info.


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