Happy Fourth …

One of my most magical childhood memories is from Tuesday fireworks at Coney Island.

 A small snippet from one of my stories in Sunset Park …

She moved back and rested on a blanket alone listening to the sounds of the strings and the harmony of their voices. She wanted the night to go on forever as she gazed at the sky and watched dusk turn to dark. It was a warm breezy summer night and the sky overflowing with stars.


Then suddenly the night exploded with light and the hush sounds of children and adults, the darken sky decorated with intricate patterns, trailing, swirling. Like blossoms opening and closing and petals falling, falling towards the water, towards her smiling face. The sounds of children laughing, people clapping, hushed again, exploding colors and lights, a baby crying, a man shouting, patterns and explosions, lighting her face, falling, falling down into the ocean. And oh a collective sigh, ending with the darkened sky.


As an adult, some of the best Fourth of Julys were spent watching the fireworks on the east or west side of Manhattan. The  great Macy’s Fourth display.

Some are lucky enough to see the fireworks from a boat in the NY harbor and watch the lady in the bay light up in all her glory.

It doesn’t matter where you celebrate the Fourth … enjoy the day and maybe you too will find that touch of magic suspended over the clouds tonight.

fOIS In The City

(1) Wonder Wheel (2) Coney Island Beach (3) New York City Skyline 
(4) Statue of Liberty





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10 responses to “Happy Fourth …

  1. What great photos. How exciting it would be to see those fireworks in NY harbor with Lady Liberty! Happy Fourth!


  2. DM

    I wish you the best Fourth of July too. This is the best holiday – celebrating our freedom in summer with fireworks.


  3. Awesome photos! You painted a beautiful reminder of the magic! Love your writing style!


  4. christicorbett

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful memories and photos. Feel like I was right there with you 😀

    Christi Corbett


  5. I was in NYC for the fourth one year. It was so hot and humid the red shirt and blue shorts I wore dyed my skin. It was the funniest thing. Your snippet was beautiful. You have a way with words that soothes as you read.


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