When we love …

For today and Friday, I will fall back on the familiar standard of Poetry Wednesday and Silent Friday. 

The heart remembers the tender moments when, unknowing like a virgin, she is touched for the first time. Because I can never forget the magic of love, I can always use the memory to create a thousand images for your pleasure.

Please enjoy this selection from my journal, Mad Mother From Brooklyn, the summer of 1976 …

When we love …

When we love I am standing
Before a stranger
Awkward in my nakedness

The plans of each act
I have memorized
Scatter about the floor
With my garments
And I am left
With the finest performance of all

The improvisation of this one
Sweet moment

So nice to feel creation
A mountain with bare hands
Beneath me

I am awed by the challenge
Climb its rocky
Dazzling heights

Each time I take a breath
I ascend to the highest peaks
Where the purest creation is born

Suspended in mid-air
I descend to earth slowly
More slowly than the time before
Finding solid ground in your arms

Where with a frown
And a sigh
We separate and become
Ready to glue back the masks
And button up the costumes

Unable to understand
What it is
And how it is

When we love

fOIS In The City

(1) Loving hands  (2) Loving embrace



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  1. Beautiful pics and poem. It’s a great idea to guest blog. I’m doing that right now for the summer. It also gives your followers a chance to meet someone new.


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