Who are we ?

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“What can you ever really know of other people’s souls- of their temptations, their opportunities, their struggles? One soul in the whole creation you do know: and it is the only one whose fate is placed in your hands.” ~C.S. Lewis

fOIS In The City concentrates her efforts on the excitement or frustrations of being a gal born and raised in Brooklyn. It defines me … a city-girl and an ex-pat, albeit, a die-hard New Yorker.

I hold her tender soul in my hands, and each day and every day, define who I know her to be.

Define for me who you are:

I am a woman who has supported herself and two children with a myriad of strange jobs:

I worked as street vendor in Manhattan. I was a Yoga teacher, a typist, an executive secretary, and a ghost writer of term papers and one Master’s Thesis.

For five years I worked as a residential and commercial real estate broker. I began and lost three small businesses, went bankrupt and became a reluctant customer service rep.

I am a crafter extraordinaire who wakes at three a.m. to drive to flea markets and street fairs. Yes Laura Drake, eating takes precedence over sleep.

I have been an Executive Director, a community activist and a wanna-be journalist. I have lived long and hard and well … found and lost love … started over after losing everything but my “undies” three times … and every last moment finds its way into my work.

Here … I am the teller of tall tales and at long last have a space of my own to create and perfect those tales.

I will write them into my posts often because it is who I am, and if nothing else, the blog of it all should say who we are.

In other news:

Thanks to the kind Brinda Berry for my latest blog award.

So much of what I might have to say about who I am has already been said. All those who I love and would lavish with awards have already been tagged.

I follow Christi Corbett, Brinda Berry, PK Hrezo, and a half-dozen others who write in genres I rarely read. Why? Because when you stretch your body, you stretch it all … when you stretch your mind … you read it all. Makes sense and gives me wonderful adventures in fiction.

I thank Casey Clifford for the update of her book and to Sheila Seabrook for the gift of her debut novel, to Cristi Corbett for her caption contest.

Thanks to Sheri di Grom for the Booker Award.

How can anyone who loves to read pick only five favorites? Instead, I’ll give you a sample of books I’ve read long ago and reread from time to time and a sample of last year:

A Room With A View, E . M. Forster … a reread I selected for my book club this year.

Agatha Christie’s Nemesis … of her hundreds of books, this is one that I enjoy rereading often.

Noah’s Compass, by Anne Tyler … from last year’s book club selections. I recommend any book written by Anne Tyler.

The first SIX Harry Bosch novels, by Michael Connelly … especially the first … The Black Echo … which gives you a good background on Harry when he was a tunnel rat in Vietnam.

On Writing, by Stephen King … a wonderful auto-biography and a must book for anyone interested in writing.

I would like to a pass the Booker Award to:

Sherry Isaacs

Anne R. Allen

Debra Eve

Sheila Seabrook

Christi Craig

Instructions and all further information found on Sheri’s blog. Thanks, Sheri … you are always a dear friend.

I am most grateful to my two main BETA readers: Lisa Shiroff and Harriet Amato for their constant love and support and for their honest critique of my work. Thanks to Sheri de Grom for reading my current mystery Framed in Black and White.

Thanks to Margie Lawson and four classmates for helping me redefine my latest romantic suspense.

I thank Laura Drake for being a good friend, and for giving me a kick in the “titanium” pants now and again.

Think about who you are as a person first, a lover or parent, a good friend, a spouse, and care for your fragile soul.

How do you define who you are?

Who are those who help you every day
and in so many ways?

Come back again … come often. You don’t have to give me an award, I love your comments, and that is the best award.

I thrive on feedback and cherish each time you visit me. Don’t lurk … say hello and let me know if you enjoy this strange collection of ramblings called:

fOIS In The City


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33 responses to “Who are we ?

  1. I ADORE your ‘strange collection of ramblings’ and am impressed with you, what you’ve accomplished and that lovely creative mind you have every single time I read anything you write. Today’s post is especially compelling – you’ve led a remarkable and intellectually tenacious life – GOOD FOR YOU!

    Who am I? Friend, mother, writer, scholar, activist, lover of cowboys (or at least one particular cowboy), dr. mom for every sports event in which my kids play, and in past lives pipe-mover, farm hand, office cleaner, telemarketer, banker, college recruiter, motel maid, baby sitter, and legal secretary . . . the better question for me is always – Who am I becoming? 😉


    • Liz, I knew we were kindred spirits ! It’s that eclectic way of being in the world that has given us so much fodder for our work. Ah yes, you are indeed “becoming.” Become the great writer I know you are 🙂

      Thanks for the lovely thoughts about the blog and my work. I apprciate your comments 🙂


  2. Writing is about more than a facility with words, though you have that. It is about pouring your experience back into the world in ways that mean something. This second thing is what makes your blog rich.


  3. Oh Florence, what a gift to find in my email this morning – a mention in your lovely blog! Hon, being your cyber-friend is a joy. Your giving nature and open soul is rare in this closed-off world we live in.

    Snug up those titanium panties and soldier on, writer!


    • Ditto, biker gal. Finding you was a treasure … your friendship and the inspiration you give to so many of us. Thanks so much !! Been losing a bit of weight … so I’ll need a newer, tighter pair of panties soon 🙂


  4. I agree with Laura, Florence – your giving nature and open soul are rare in this closed-off world we live in. When I read that line, it totally described why I love you so much.


  5. christicorbett


    Thanks for the mention! I just read On Writing a few months ago and was blown away by how much I loved it. I plan on returning to it at least once a year.

    Christi Corbett


    • Christi, my first and always blog friend, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, do return to King … each time you go back … you’ll find something new and fresh. Thanks for the visit, girlfriend 🙂


  6. vicki batman

    Florence, you know I love your writing. I love how hard you work. Pure poetry. Have a wonderful day! I’m sending you a hug.


  7. annerallen

    Thanks so much for your “Booker” award. It’s true, We writers don’t live in the real world….exclusively. We have lots of worlds to choose from. I’ve had almost as many jobs as you. Writers don’t usually stick with one job, either. Too much to see and do and experience and write about!

    I have no idea why my Feedburner email subscriber list stopped working, but it seems to have kicked the cyberbucket. So I have to add my subscribers by hand. I will add you to my list. Thanks for letting me know!


  8. Well said (again, and as always), Florence.

    You have crammed a ton of experience–climbed mountains, ridden the waves, climbed again–in such a short period of time. *You don’t know your age, remember?

    LOVED this piece today. You rock! I hope you’re enjoying your new home.


    • Oh, Gloria. Thanks for reminding me. Didn’t I tell you? I started as an Executive Secretary when I was ten and it’s been down hill since 🙂

      Thanks for the comment … from one rocker to another … we need to support each other. I am so enjoying the new place 🙂


  9. Florence Fois, how I adore you. 🙂 Thank you so much for the mention and the Booker award. I love coming here to your blog every week and learning something new about you. “I hold her tender soul in my hands, and each day and every day, define who I know her to be.” This sentence really speaks to me … it’s my journey too.


  10. of course, you realize that once you let us in on those enticing snippets of information about you, we’ll want to know all the fascinating details.


    • Detail, details? Shelley, did I forget to mention what writers are more than anything are professional “liars.” I’ll keep the fun moving along, perhaps with another snippet or two. Thanks for the visit and keep holding up the standard for me to follow 🙂


  11. I think what defines me the most is who I am in Jesus and how my family sees me . . . b/c they are with me the most and know the real me. Bloggers like you are an excellent source of encouragement and inspiration and my cup runneth over:-) Thanks for visiting my blog today!


  12. Oh, Florence, I love this post! I feel as though we’ve just shared a bonding experience over something delicious and a fantastic cup of coffee. I look forward to your weekly posts and your writing style. The fact that you add tidbits of NYC neighborhoods helps me feel as though I might have walked those streets and viewed those scene. You are a treasure.


  13. Well, my friend, you’ve had quite a life and what a variety of jobs. No wonder you write such fun stories.


  14. Florence – By definition, we are renaissance women. We’ve remade ourselves so many times over and not once did we ever have a pattern to guide us. We are survivors, the leaders, the ones that reach for the next rung on the ladder. We’ve not asked for hand-outs, we given them to others. We love life and all it has to offer and my dear friend, it’s an honor to read ‘Framed.’ As I might have mentioned, I’m reading it with my yellow highlighter in hand–for when it’s published, I’ll be writing a review.


  15. What an interesting life you’ve led, Florence. I’m sure all those experiences serve to enrich your stories. Congratulations on your blog award.


  16. I love knowing who you are. I am thankful for the internet and writing community because it has given me the opportunity to meet people like you. Although we haven’t been in the same physical room yet, your blog is the place where I bring my cup of coffee and sit down for a visit with a friend. 🙂


    • Brinda, I do believe that one of these days we’ll sit down over a nice cupper and have a great chat. Until then, I drink my morning java to you … on the road … behind the screen and here … Thanks so much for you kind words 🙂


  17. Sorry to be late to the party, I’ve been out-of-town. Thank you so much for the award, Florence! I loved reading about your past careers. We share quite a few and Agatha Christie’s Nemesis too. One day we must compare notes!


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