Non-scheduled thoughs …

I started posting Monday songs on Facebook … go there and enjoy.

Then I became inspired. Music has been my passion, my companion, inspiration, and kept me safe and warm through a decade of Mondays … and some pretty dark Saturday nights too.

Before my scheduled Holiday posts begin, I wanted to do something different. To surprise you and give you a selection to begin your week.

Most of these are “older” … like me. They are also fun and make you want to dance, to laugh out loud.

Rumors, by Fleetwood Mac is not only one of the all-time, best-selling albums of all time, it’s the one album my children would gleefully smash over my head.

A long time ago, I instructed them to play this after my demise:

The call went out to millions of baby-boomer teens. The phrase coined by Allen Freed, a little known DJ from Cleveland and the reason the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located in that city. It inspired a generation and the classic movie by George Lucas … American Graffiti. 

Rock Around the Clock, performed by Bill Haley and The Comets:

Another fifties great … Buddy Holly … Everyday

Oh, how can I not remember … The Ronettes … Be My Baby

Listening to music started with my cousin’s opera 78 RPM records. Remember that Philco radio?  I learned to dance to the music from that Philco and many nights my dad twirled me round the room to the greats in big band music.

Oh yeah, come fly with me and The Chairman of the Board.

So there you have it, a bit of non-scheduled, regression and a bit of rock and roll fun for this sunny Monday.

Got a play list you want to share?

I do listen to music from this century and would love to hear your favs?

Tell me how music inspires you.

fOIS In The City


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16 responses to “Non-scheduled thoughs …

  1. I recall most of these songs, Florence, but my taste has drastically changed over the years. The playlist on my iPhone contains Coldplay, Beyonce’, Chris Botti, Sting, Chris Brown, Sugar Ray, Nellie, Justin Bieber, Adele, Rick Astley, K-Pop, Kevin Costner, and Breathe Carolina.
    Eclectic? Weird? whatever….


    • Patti, there are two more generations I haven’t even touched. You are influenced by your kid’s music. Mine were GenX’ers and I have a gaggle of great stuff! I love Adele and Sting is the bomb 🙂


  2. I have a soft spot for “Shout,” though I never heard it until I was an adult. I mentioned to someone that it was most joyful music I knew, and friend said “What about Bach’s Ode to Joy”? But I still vote for “Shout.”


    • Oh my, Lindsay … I saw the Isley Brothers perform Shout in person at the Brooklyn Paramount an obscene number of years ago. The room was insane … the uncut version goes for almost ten minutes 🙂


  3. Ah, Frank. Imagine my surprise to find my teen daughter downloaded a bunch of his tunes to her iPod.


  4. I have to second my anything Fleetwood Mac. I attended USC when the marching band recorded “Tusk” with them and got to see them perform it live more than once. In a fantastic coincidence, they’re touring manager moved into my building last year and has let me borrow hours of unpublished footage. In the end, thought, it’s “Landslide” that guts me everytime. Great trip down musical memory lane!


    • Debra, you lucky girl !! Yes, Rumors is my fav and Landslide rips me apart every time. I wore out four vinyl and two CD’s of Rumors. My kids got so sick of it, I don’t think either of them will ever listen to their music again. Thanks for the visit 🙂


  5. I had that Fleetwood Mac album and played it until I wore it out. Now, I listen to a variety of music and enjoy Pandora radio when I want to mixit up.


  6. I word out my Rumors track. My boys loved it. I’ve always been surrounded by music. Was in choirs for years. Loved to sing along to tracks I loved. But a few years ago I developed GERD and an ulcer which all have affected by ability to sing and drastically changed the quality of my speaking voice. So I find it frustrating to hear music now and want to sing…then sound so awful. So if I listen to music now it’s instrumental because without the words I’m not tempted.


  7. I love those old songs. In fact, I remember watching the Dean Martin show and all of his fantastic guests. My music tastes run more into the early to mid eighties. The Police, Badfinger, Rolling Stones. 🙂


  8. christicorbett

    I love Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me”. What a great list of music! My Dad taught me to appreciate music that came along before my time, and we’d spend hours listening to the great ones.

    Thanks for a quick trip down memory lane.

    Christi Corbett


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