A life of her own …

The debut post for Ramblings was published on October 9, 2009 :

How I Got Here …

My daughter decided to drag me into cyber space and create a page for me on Facebook and My Space.

This was, for a time, an interesting way for me to become a voyeur, peeking at those cute little graphics, those marvelous family photos and the endless threads of conversation.

Actually, reading the internet on any given day will give one the impression there is not a single soul on planet earth, including our new president, who does not wish to render themselves splayed out for public consumption.

It impressed some of the generation X kids that wandered through our rooms during the eighties. When a girl from my kindergarden class requested to be in my network, I realized my daughter had unleashed a beast I was not about to battle.

Who wants to hear from the kid whose braids you stuck in the ink well?

How did you get here and why have you made the effort?


Award Credit

For almost four years I have attempted to find my blog voice. I’ve done interviews, book reviews, and snappy expository posts on the life and hard times of the writer of fiction. Posts have covered everything from my first query submission to the trials of edits and rewrites.

My true voice began to emerge with one of my favorite features … City Scapes … those posts that introduce my readers to parts of New York City rarely shown on television and not common tourist attractions. But it was when my rebel twin decided to venture into the unchartered waters of posting snippets of our work that we truly began to have fun.

We are warned not to post stories … “Why would they buy the cow if you give the milk away for free?”

I have little interest in being a farmer, but even this city-gal knows … there are more cows in the barn folks. So sit down and have a glass of milk on us.

The second year, Ramblings changed her name to fOIS In The City. Recently, she also became a dot com, changed her focus, and without much fan-fare has gone off on a new adventure. Naturally, I went along for the ride. I mean little girls from Brooklyn need all the help they can get.


Movie Credit

The tale of Josephine Napoli and her family, began with another series of short stories.

While Sunset Park was the birth of my favorite main character, Antoinette, the short stories in The Five Seasons was the birth of Josephine.

I had no idea that Viola or Aunt Lucille would weave into Josie’s story until I had finished the first seven short stories of The Five Seasons.

At one point, both books were of the same characters in different settings and at different times. But soon Antoinette grew into her own woman and declared her independence from her polar opposite, Josephine. And as they grew apart, a new family of characters began to blend onto the page.

Artisans and true craftsmen will tell you that often a blank canvas, a solid lone piece of wood or a collection of metal and glass, take on a life of their own. They become something the artist had not “seen” until the first time they took chisel or paint in hand. When the artist becomes merely a vehicle for canvas or wood, metal and glass, to speak, to breathe, to be born again.

This blank page  is a watercolor in a wash of pastels, it is a black and white photograph, a tapestry of words woven into intricate designs for your pleasure.

The Blog-her is the twin of my writerly alter-ego and is  fast becoming a rebellious teenager again.  She is taking on a life of her own … speaking in tongue … speaking in short snippets, and sound bites. She has grown up a bit more this year and has found her voice.

Join us each week and enjoy our fun loving romp through the life and hapless times of a strange collection of stories and the characters that tell them.

So tell me true … would you like to hear a story or two?

Let me entertain you. Let me make you smile.
And if you’re real good …
I’ll make you feel good.

fOIS In The City



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26 responses to “A life of her own …

  1. Your real and imaginary worlds both soar, Florence. YES! Tell me a story.

    I’ll be back to blog-jack. You have been warned.


  2. These stories are a brightness in the week, always. This reader feels lucky.


  3. Absolutely , Sing out,Louise


  4. YES, I like your stories. Please continue telling them to us.
    The end.


    • Love your brevity, Patti. Something I will never be known for that is sure. Thanks for the support she says as she fashions … “It was a dark and stormy night.” See you around the blogesphere 🙂


  5. christicorbett

    More stories? Yes please! Keep em coming! I always settle down with a fresh cup of coffee before I go to your blog because I know I’m in for a treat that should be slowly savored.

    Christi Corbett


  6. I’d love to hear a story or 2 🙂



  7. vicki batman

    I love reading any and everything you write. You have magic in those fingers, girl!


  8. Ahh. the ever-changing beauty of the seasons, of a sunrise or sunset–that’s what your posts mean to me.

    Keep changing and keep writing. I always anticipate the word pictures you create.


  9. More cows in the barn! Ka-snort!

    Florence, you’ve hit your stride with your city scape stories, IMHO. Weave away.


  10. I did not know that you started your blog in 2009, Florence. the blog voice you discovered always entertains me and i love coming here to read your stories.


  11. LOVE your NY stories . . . . will pretty much read ANYTHING you post–I’ve enjoyed your blog sooo much over the past year. Don’t even remember how I eventually stumbled upon it, but I’m sure glad I did:-)


  12. Florence, I’m glad I’ve stayed up all night sifting through my messages. I knew I’d locate your blog and be richly rewarded. What a feast you set before my eyes.


  13. Love hearing about your journey and process as a writer and a blogger. I didn’t realize you’ve had the blog for four years. WOW!


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