A single strange thought …

This is the last post for March, 2013. Spring is here and April showers are blowing around the corner.

Tonight I’ll be attending a Passover Seder with friends. And while I feast on turkey and vegies, I’ll be thinking of my new post. Do I want to take you on a visit to Brooklyn with City Scapes, or give you a snippet from Viola and Josie?

Today, which for you is Wednesday … I am also thinking of some April fools I’ve known and loved.


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Speaking of fools:

About two years ago, a writing buddy asked me where I lived, and without thinking, I replied:

“I live in a cave.”

That response was for the one room that was mine with my cousin and her perpetually annoying daughter. The one room faced a brick wall. The door was always closed to block out the pest, and I slept, worked, and ate most of my meals in the one room for ten years.

For a week that one sentence bounced inside my head. While having coffee one morning, I decided to use it as the opening sentence of a novel:

“My name is Elizabeth Brogan and I live in a cave in Brooklyn.”

On another occasion, two friends,  a republican and a democrat, were discussing the first campaign of President Obama, and I ask them: “Do you think anyone out there misses Ronald Reagan?”

And that became the title of a comic romantic novel:

Does Anyone Out There Miss Ronald Reagan? 

                        Or … How I Survived The 80’s, YUPPIES and Six Blind Dates

Opening of the first draft:

It’s not that I’m ungrateful. Every damn day I’m grateful. It’s the 80’s, the decade of decadence without guilt. It’s Wall Street and insider trading. Ronald Reagan is President, YUPPIES are in vogue, and black is the most popular color. My niece wears storm trooper boots, loves depressing music and a bald-headed girl from Ireland. She shaved off her black crew cut and the expensive private school the kid goes to thinks it’s an expression of her inner soul.   

Counting my blessings, I would have to be grateful for Elaine, my younger, thinner, sister. The one who married well and whose expendable income is equal to the national debt. Elaine never needed anyone to set her up with blind dates.


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Fools rush in …

In honor of fools and spring, I offer my readers the first ever fOIS In The City Blog Challenge.

No, you don’t have to blog hop, blog fest or participate in a blog event, blog tour, list your ten favorite movies (which I did on two blogs for a total of twenty movies), read about the five most annoying writer mistakes, or the ten reasons to take total control of your destiny and become a NYT’s Best Seller.

Instead, you will be challenged to write in my comments a ONE sentence writing prompt.

I’d love it to be really weird and strange, and express something hidden deep in your alter-ego’s subterranean brain cells. No matter what you think of, it must be one coherent sentence and no more.

Dig into your gray matter and write your sentence in comments, and each Wednesday for the next few weeks, I’ll post a story of no less than 500, and no more than 1,000 words in return.

A story written just for you and the entertainment of our blog friends.

Come on, you know you can do it. How hard can it be for you to come up with one sentence?

Please don’t send me:  “A man walked into a bar,” or “It was a dark and stormy night.”

I await your nifty, funny, weird or strange sentences.

Do strange thoughts often bang around in your brain? 

Do you think you could write an entire novel based

on one single sentence?

fOIS In The City



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28 responses to “A single strange thought …

  1. Loved this, Florence, especially the Ronald Reagan reference. I feel perfectly justified in knocking 10 years off my age because in my universe, the 80s never happened 🙂

    I’ve been writing from prompts all month and it’s been a great stretch. So here you go:

    “She was rumored to have traveled to Australia after the trial, with nothing more than a punt, a Pekinese, and two bottles of old bourbon.”

    Can’t wait to see the results!


  2. Rosemary

    The life I am living doesn’t come close to the life that swirls around inside my brain.


  3. This is a phenomenal (no exaggeration) idea you’ve come up with Florence. I love it. Let me see….
    She heard someone call her name but didn’t dare turn around, fearing after two years she’d finally been recognized.


  4. I miss Ronnie – visited his library a few months ago – made me miss him more.

    She’d have believed her mother’s assurances more, if it weren’t for the empty casket, waiting in the next room.


  5. I love that opener to your 80s novel. I have one too–called The Best Revenge. Big hair. Metal music. Miami Vice 5-o’clock shadows. (Love Debra’s take on the 80s, too.:-) )

    OK, here’s my sentence: “They killed the last one yesterday.”


    • Anne … I know for a fact that none of us closet or kitchen hippies bayed at the moon over Ronnie … Oh … Miami Vice, Phil Collins … my kids as teens.

      Okay … I think I’m going to have enough material to write for several months. I’ll give you a head’s up when I use your sentence and thanks 🙂


  6. vicki batman

    Yesterday, we had complete the sentence at the Plotting Princesses. I give you: Once upon a time, a husband gave his beloved three wishes. This first ___________.


  7. Florence – My sentence for you – If it hadn’t been for the 80’s I wouldn’t have lived at all.


  8. I walked that ill-advised road without shoes, a water bottle, or a map.


    • Ah, Brinda … the first would-be thriller prompt. I should have fun with this one … and speaking of fun … let’s hope I can schedule all of these for spring of this year. So far I have eight and some of my regulars haven’t come in yet. Whoot what a blast !!


  9. oh, Florence, you naughty, naughty girl. Remember that old cliche “Be careful what you wish for?” You will be busy…

    Here’s my sentence: 2 AM–I killed two people today.


    • How right you are, Casey. So far I have not only April, but all of May and part of June.

      I’ll have to turn this into one of my features … hey … that’s not a bad idea 🙂

      Also, it looks like my “naughty” readers have given me a great cross genre selection !!


  10. christicorbett

    Please please PLEASE write/finish that 80’s book! I’m a child of the 80’s and would love to read it 🙂

    One sentence writing prompt…

    Gina scanned the crowded park, searching for the man wearing the agreed upon red baseball cap.


    • Christi, it was the time of my children’s teen years. The eighties, two teenagers who brought in hoards of other teeenagers and their ex-hippie mother longing for the sixties and some peace and quiet.

      However, the 80’s book is done. I’ve banished her to a dark cell inside a flash drive. When I shake the cobwebs out of my hair, I might dig it out again.

      Okay, thanks so much for the prompt. I have ten so far. Seems like I’ll have to extend my original projection. I feel like a tipsy contractor who keeps changing the date he’ll finally install your new “John.”


  11. The cat always cries on days like this…


  12. While I was uptown this morning, Florence, I thought of the perfect line for you … and now I’ve forgotten what it was. I even used it on my husband. 🙂


    • No fair, no fowl. Is that the right “fowl” ??

      Okay Sheila, you have to dig deep and remember the sentence. Leave it another time … any time you remember. Okay?

      Good, now that said, I thank you for letting this challenge follow you as you roamed this morning … I seem to have that affect on some people 🙂


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  14. Jimmy gagged as the smoke pushed further down into his lungs,


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