Summertime …

and the living is easy.

It’s also a good time for me to take one of my three scheduled breaks.

Fear not, fretful readers … I will not abandon you totally.

From August 14th  until the second Wednesday in September, I will bring you blasts from the past, music you remember either from your own teen years or listening to your parents playing their “oldies but goodies” while you moaned in the background.

Let’s also share some of our special summer reading. Post a book a week. Start your summer reading with three of my good buddies:  Christi Corbett, Laura Drake and Shelley Noble (aka Shelley Freydont).

Christi has launced her first book (see my post of her Launch Day); Laura Drake has had two book launches in that many months; and Shelley Noble and Shelley Freydont (one and the same) has also had new books launched. Find each of these talented writers on amazon and other major book sellers.

When fOIS returns in September, she might have a new look, and she will certainly have a new format.

I trust that everyone will enjoy the balance of their summer. See You in September:

Tell me dear ones, do you have any special plans for the rest of this summer?

Or if you have gone and returned, pray tell us about your journey.

fOIS In The City



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23 responses to “Summertime …

  1. Thank you for that dose of Ella, Florence. I, for one, look forward to your “blasts from the past”! Have a wonderful rest of summer. I’ll just be hanging out in West Hollywood 🙂


  2. It’s a given, you can never go wrong with Ella. I hope you have a few fun things up your sleeve and awesome adventures to report upon your return.


  3. Enjoy the break, Florence – partying’s over for me, since I just had the 2nd foot surgery, but just in time, the PBR is firing back up!

    Bring on the bulls! (and yes, I’m aware that I’m strange.)


    • It’s the strange in you that we all love, Laura !! You might be grounded but at least you can enjoy the PBR season on the tele. I hope your healing is painless. See you later 🙂


  4. Enjoy, Florence! You know we’ll be here to hear all about it when you get back. All of the details. Don’t even think about editing out any juicy or awkward adventures you might experience.

    If you have none of those, you’re not searching for trouble the way I do. 😉

    Hey, Laura!

    WinStar Casino is having a PBR event. Get your rear in gear and come visit. It’s a one hour drive from my house. Yes. I have a guest room. I’ll even let you sleep in the room Margie slept in when she stayed here.

    In re: PBR, you can enjoy the skill of the riders. I’ll ogle their thighs. (You don’t have a monopoly on strange. Just so you know…)


    • OH! Note to Laura. Do you still have that picture of me dressed for the masquerade? If yes, do I want to see it? Use my email Gloria(dot)r6254(at)Yahoo(dot) come, if you would be so kind.

      I need to know if I owe you blackmail moolah.


    • Dang it all, Gloria … the visual of you and Laura rooting for your fav cowboys will be forever etched into my brain. Since I grew up with the first original Italian cowboy, I can relate.

      Yes, I’ll report back in detail 🙂


  5. I’ll miss you, Florence, and look forward to your return in September. We’re off next week on our yearly summer vacation and I can’t wait. Back to Monte Rio near Guerneville in California – not too far from home. The house has an atrium and is on the river.


  6. Summer goes too quickly for me. Congrats to your friends who have published. What fun – songs from our youth. Did I have a youth? I think I’m too old to remember.


  7. christicorbett


    Thank you so much for your support! I’ll look forward to your new posts in September, where I’ll have more time to read them since the twins will be back in school 🙂

    Christi Corbett


    • Christi, it’s my pleasure to support my good friends. I think back on all those years when the kids came back from camp and were getting ready for a new school year. The excitment levels were maddening 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your summer … and I’ll keep pumping those oldies your way !!


  8. annerallen

    Have a fabulous time off. And thanks for the Ella (maybe the best Summertime ever!) and the trip down memory lane with the Happenings!


    • If that isn’t the God’s truth, Anne … there is no one, never was and never will be … quite like Ella. Her velvet tones can never be duplicated. And who else but two old hippies would remember the Happenings ?? I’ll keep those old memories coming at you. And for sure I’ll enjoy my time off 🙂


  9. Have a wonderful vacation, Florence. I hope your Florida sunshine keeps you warm and relaxed, and that you spend your time having loads of fun. See you in September. 🙂


  10. My summer is over! Students have their first day of school tomorrow . . . I’m sooo excited to teach middle school Language Arts this year 🙂 Enjoy your break!


  11. Summer is going far to quickly. Blinking will only bring September that much sooner. Looking forward to seeing your new blog look! 🙂


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