Bleeps, Bloopers and Outtakes with Funny-Fantastic-Females …

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In the last six years I have compiled several document files of fantastic fun-filled, belly-rocking good times with several of my more gullible characters, in particular, poor hapless Gail.

I’ve also been having a very good time reading some of my favorite blog posts and the sage advice provided therein.

For the next couple or three weeks, I’ll start off with a link to one blog post … play with photo links about or for bloggers … and for the fantastic fun part …

I reprint bleeps from Once More Around the Block with Gail and her comical Bubbie. To remind you … a “bubbie” is a Jewish grandmother.

Sage advice …

From Anne R. Allen’s blog I give you this past Sunday’s post:

How to Write Blog Content: 9 Tips to Entice Readers to Your Author Blog

You started a blog. Congratulations!

But nobody’s reading it.

Don’t give in to despair. It takes a while to build a readership. Usually a long while. For the first six months I blogged, my followers consisted of my mom and my critique group. The other day I found my journal entry from my blog’s first anniversary. I was totally jazzed because I was up to 36 followers. A year later, I had 600. (Now we’ve got 1652 and 1025 subscribers: thanks, everybody!)

So what happened in that second year? (Read more)

A funny thing happened on the way to the blog …

blog photos.02


This photo is from a blog called The Independent and the writer thinks Samatha is beautiful. I have no idea who Sam is … and not that I want to be snarky and all that … but Sophia or Audrey maybe … Samantha ??? I’m not sure.

blog photos


This is from a CNN blog about why fat women are attractive. Fat women with tats and ill-fitting clothes?

blog photos.03


From Darla Writes  a blog for new writers. Another blog for new writers?  And I wasn’t even trying to find her. Darla just came “UP” on Google. Another reminder of Anne’s lessons on blogging. Get yourself on that first Google page people. And since I found her, give Darla a tumble.

From her “About” page … a little bit of something many of you can relate to:    I’m Darla McDavid and I love to write. One of my dreams is to write a book that attracts a publisher and warms a lot of hearts with the story it tells. What does it take to turn a dream like mine into a reality? Sure, I can write. But can I write well? Thinking about that brought more questions to mind:

Bleeps, Bloopers and Outtakes  … 

Once More Around the Block is a romantic comedy about a recently divorced hapless thirty-something gal and a confirmed forty-something bachelor pizza man. She reads romance novels and he slings pizza … a match made in heaven?

true romance

 Portrayal of women in comics

                                                            “Somewhere between the yippie-hippie and the proper-preppie is the cultural phenomenon of the yuppie, the bourgeois, nouveau riche trend setters of the eighties. They are fond of the Sharper Image and L.L. Bean catalogs, are in love with Beemers, Thirty-Something and L.A. Law. Clad in Armani suits, carting a Gucci briefcase, wearing their cashmere sweaters folded and draped casually over the shoulder, they research real estate west of Broadway for just the right buildings to convert.

As long-standing residents of the area, the Goldblums drink weak tea, wear Loehmann specials and live in rent control heaven. Conditioned to walking the hills, we rarely have the need to buy cars and when we do, we love Cadillacs and Lincolns, long, gas-guzzling testaments to over-consumption. Although Elaine sports Armani suits and Gucci bags, she has little if no interest in raiding anything but her husband’s offshore bank accounts.

Did I say I was a coward? Yes indeed I am. I am a coward in a long line of cowards, upholding a tradition passed down from generations. My father, Ira Goldblum, for instance. Once in a while my father asserts himself. Usually this is followed by me bringing him extra blankets so he can sleep on the sofa.

How about my Uncle Herb, my father’s older brother? He’s married to my Aunt Rachel and the last time we heard from him was 1960 when he told Aunt Rachel he wanted a new Caddy and couldn’t get her the mink she wanted for her birthday. My father was kind enough to visit him in his motel room.

There’s always cousin Leonard. He’s an idiot and a coward. A double whammy. We haven’t heard a word from his older brother Sheldon since he got back from his honeymoon in 1972.

It’s a Friday night and I’m sitting in the home pretending to watch television. It never occurs to me to tell my mother and sister what I think of them. All the comments I would have said fly out of my head until hours later or while I’m with Bubbie. I’ll show them. You wait and see Bubbie. One of these days …”


I know many of you enjoy reading funny. And I also know more than some of you write funny. Vicky Batman is one of those gals. Vicky is funny and loves handbags about as much as Jenny Hansen loves Cowbells, Laura loves Cowboys and Gloria loves … well when she was with us every day, Gloria loved everything.

What about you reader, do you have a funny bone?

Do you belly laugh at some romantic comedy or cozy mysteries?

Who are your favorite funny-fantastic-fictional-females?

fOIS In The City



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24 responses to “Bleeps, Bloopers and Outtakes with Funny-Fantastic-Females …

  1. Brilliant, Florence. Just brilliant.


  2. Hi, Florence! I am so impressed by how many people follow you. Your content is so good. And I thank you very much for mentioning my work is funny and most importantly, how much I love handbags. Thank you, my friend. I look forward to hugging you in person one day soon.


    • Thanks, Vicki … my content is a labor of love … if you can stand another cliche ?? I believe that your love of handbags and other proclivities of my readers adds to their sense of humor and how they see things in the grand scheme of things. It is my pleasure to give a plug to my dear friends and blog readers and I too look forward to when we can hug for real and not across the internet 🙂


  3. Thanks for the blog links Florence. But even more thanks for this blog. Enjoyed it.


  4. Thank you, again, Florence, for a unique blog post today. While reading it I recalled that on one of the “60 and over” blogs I read it said the number of women over 60 who are getting tattoos is staggering. Made me not feel so unusual for doing my current research on my upcoming tat!


  5. A favorite funny fictional character is Angela Motorman, from Shirley Jackson’s last novel, published incomplete in the 1960s. A. Motorman (“age and size both 44”) is a recently widowed clairvoyant who walks out on her life and moves to a city where she rents a room and decides to do what she wants. The novel is COME ALONG WITH ME.


  6. christicorbett

    I love this post, especially the picture of the two beautiful women at the beginning. Reminds me of my best friend forever and how I hope to grow old with her 🙂

    Christi Corbett


  7. Really laughing and crying hard are two things I do very easily 🙂 Great post!


  8. The stories I have to tell about my slugfest hiatus…

    What’s that?

    “Get off your a$$ and write them!”

    OK. 😀

    LOVE getting the links to new peeps, Florence.


    • Gloria, I am waiting to read your insights after this long hiatus. I do trust you used your time to reflect? Ain’t that a kick in the head? Reflect? WTH reflects?

      Glad to hear from you … so get off your worn bums and give me the skinny 🙂


  9. Funny bone, yes, and it’s been tickled big time with that True Bride-To-Be Romance comic. Priceless! Is that a real and for true throwback to the days when all we need do is hunt down a husband? Google, here I come.


  10. Great post with lots of info. Just finished reading Anne R. Allen’s blog and will check out some of the others. 🙂 I do have a funny bone ad often chuckle over some of the corniest things. I can’t help it.


  11. Another great post, Florence. I’ve always considered myself flawed in the funny department. Comedy is about the only Broadway show I won’t spend money on. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good time and have had a lot of them, but it has to be really good to make me laugh out loud.
    I’m currently reading ‘More Later, Lyle’s Letters from the University’ by John Arthur Robinson and I have to admit, he has great technique for writing great humor full of puns. His daily blog is at


  12. Hi, Florence — Page 1 on Google? That’s nice to know! Thank you for your generous act of featuring my blog. It will be fun getting to know you.


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