The Blessed Event …

This week I announce the blessed event of the birth of my fourth grandchild. My son and his wife have seventeen year old boy/girl twins and an almost eleven-year-old boy. I have selected some of my humble poetic angst and interspersed them with the pictures of our family.


The hopes and dreams I held as the single mother of a three-year old boy and a five month old girl, are the hopes and dreams I wish for my children and their children. They are the lucky ones, to raise a brave, new generation … I am luckier … I have lived to see them grow into wonderful adults.


When at last I left my beloved Brooklyn for the hills of Northern Manhattan, my babes were at my knees. Each took a hand which became symbolic of our unity and strength. All was possible, all waited around the next bend in the road … and all these possibilities wait for my daughter and son-in-law and their beloved new baby girl.




April, 1976

The children outside my window …

In the quiet of dusk
the sun slips slowly
behind the trees

I sit and listen
while the children
outside the window
strut along the avenue
laugh aloud
and sing strange melodies
I cannot comprehend

I am content as I sit here
Smile quietly and watch
The hurried traffic below

Could I transform the branch of a tree
The blade of grass
To reach out long, cool limbs
To hold them close to me

I am so peaceful here
Feel the warm blue mist
Of night settle next to me
A loyal companion

And the children outside the window
Raise merry voices to the sky
They run mad circles and chase down
The setting sun
As I hasten to give them
The song I hold near


The last forty-eight hours have been the most magical hours of my life, compared only to the hours I spent waiting for my baby boy and baby girl to arrive. He came with a soft murmur and she with wide-eyes greeting her domain. He was my old soul, she my eternal optimist, his head in a book, hers in a cloud, the reader and the dreamer, they are opposites in so many ways.

This is the gallery of us at odd times … and Oh what wonderful times they have been.

mike.01cronin familyme and mikekids.05




Fire Island … August, 1976
A vacation without the children

Soft murmurs of the night
Soft as a baby’s sigh
Like my baby girl’s cry
My little boy’s goodbye

Alone I walk down the lane
Towards the sea
and hear the sounds of night

The busy hind legs of
The cricket
As he beckons his mate
from a darkened bush

I miss their particular noises
Her curly head on my chest
His short legs as they run to
Catch me at play

I sit and watch waves
Move in low tide
Crash land against the white sand
Of the lonely shore

I see their happy faces
As the bright red sun
Falls to the ocean floor

The sounds of small noises
Faint like a gentle rain
bathed in the twilight of
This night

I am missing my
Two mufflers against the outside world
And my nightly visit to the
Electric silent “E”
The mad search for lost socks
forgotten pajama bottoms

I miss their plea for just
One more show
One more story
One more glass of water

While I walk along this
Pristine beach
They happily drive their dad
Steadily up the wall
He’s out of practice

Damn, I miss their noises
And hasten from this
Sun drenched island
To be with my babies once more


A Christmas present to myself

It’s Christmas Eve and the children
Anxious and gay play around
The tree
Waiting for the bottom to fill up

It is a joy to have children
On this night of all

Their eyes shine with
The lights of the tree
Holding the gleam ’till morning

And all the day long we
Baked and fixed and sang
Silly songs

Stuffing me like the
Holiday turkey
Spicy and full of wonder

Oh, what is it that makes
Children tick?

What little mechanism
Twinkles like Christmas stars
In their tiny heads?

What red, blue, sun-yellow
Roll inside their bellies?

Oh, what magic could
I steal
Were I to find the secret
Of the grand machinery
Of childhood

Quiet now …

They are up in their beds
Cuddle soft and candy

Crackle fire and
Peppermint spy
Fat ole’ Santa blankets
The bottom of the tree

Leaving behind the gay
Assortment of trinket and doll
And ribbon wrap array

Of little presents to bring
So much pleasure to the
Biggest child



photo (5)

Welcome to our world my 7 lb 8 oz bouncing baby girl. How I wish I could be there this minute to squeeze you and look into the eyes of the future.

What possible question can I ask today ?

Shall I say all of this goes without question  …

but with marvel ?

fOIS In The City

Note: For so many reasons, the main one being I would be bludgeoned with a wet noodle, I do not give the names of my children and grandchildren. They know who they are and all you need is their wonderful faces.


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20 responses to “The Blessed Event …

  1. I am so happy for you, and for the life you live. Blessings to your new baby granddaughter.


  2. Congratulations, Florence! Your new grandbaby is gorgeous, and I so enjoyed the family photos you shared with us. I see lots of similarities between you and your daughter. 🙂


    • You are too kind, Sheila … I agree that our baby girl is gorgeous. I think the similarities between me and my daughter might be more in mood than appearance. Either way, she is one heck of a pistol 🙂


  3. christicorbett


    Thank you for sharing the photos, it was fun to see your family and share in your joy.

    Christi Corbett


  4. Yeah, Florence! a baby to celebrate. I know lots of joy is rejoicing in your house and that is mah-velous. Hugs.


  5. Such magnificent congratulations to you, my friend. WOW. I can’t imagine and hope someday I can have this type of experience.
    All those pictures are just so cool of you and your family. Thanks for posting. Is that your arm with the “Peace” tat?


  6. annerallen

    Congrats, Florence! You have a beautiful family.


  7. What a sweet glimpse into your family, Florence. Congrats. I love your beautiful poems and that you choose that medium to record your memories. I wish I’d done more of that. Wait, I can start now!


    • Yes, Debra … there was a time when I expressed myself that way. I put them all in my journals, the same journals that became this blog. I still love the ramblings of it all. And I am so tickled to welcome the new baby to our family. Thanks 🙂


  8. Florence, Wonderful memories to go with a magical baby girl. I wish you all good health and days of making more memories to store away. This blog is a testament to your beautiful and strong heart. A woman who has grit and a mother’s soul all wrapped together. You are a blessing indeed.


  9. Congratulations, Florence! The birth of a grandchild is always a wondrous event. Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for sharing the good news. 🙂


  10. Oh my goodness, that baby is CUTE!! I’m delighted for you and your family. 🙂 And I lurk a lot, but I love popping over here and getting glimpses of New York, a city I always miss.


    • Thanks, Jenny … she has been a miracle in so many ways … but then all of our children are miracles. Good that we both love “lurking.” Hope you continue to enjoy my glimpses of The City … I never stop missing her 🙂


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