A change of plans …

Nope, no Part Three of my Misfits today. Say goodbye to Maxine for a while and hunker down for wonderful news worth celebrating.



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Today, I would like to celebrate two women I consider talented and inspiring, women who encourage and cheer others, women who worked harder and longer to accomplish what most of us aspire to achieve. I am honored to count them among my writing friends and to highlight their good news here today.

Like so many of you, I met Laura Drake on line. She has generously offered her friendship, critique of my lame synopsis and waning plots, and she has encouraged me to keep on during those times when I wanted to quit. I borrow her short bio from Writers in the Storm, a group  blog she helped to form and where she contributes monthly.

Laura Drake is a city girl who never grew out of her tomboy ways, or a serious cowboy crush. She writes both Women’s Fiction and Romance.

She sold her Sweet on a Cowboy series, romances set in the world of professional bull riding, to Grand Central. The Sweet Spot (May 2013), Nothing Sweeter (Jan 2014) and Sweet on You (August 2014). The Sweet Spot has recently been named a Romance Writers of America®   RITA® Finalist in both the Contemporary and Best First Book categories.

sweet spot

Her ‘biker-chick’ novel, Her Road Home, sold to Harlequin’s Superromance line (August, 2013) and has expanded to three more stories set in the same small town. The Reasons to Stay will release August, 2014.

This year Laura realized a lifelong dream of becoming a Texan and is currently working on her accent. She gave up the corporate CFO gig to write full time. She’s a wife, grandmother, and motorcycle chick in the remaining waking hours.


laura drake.rita

I could not break the link to show you, but this url will bring you to the video of Laura accepting her RITA at the RWA Nationals this weekend. And tingles all around, she was hugged by NORA. list=UUexKC_mroN5YluFQ2pDJjHw

The purpose of the RITA award is to promote excellence in the romance genre by recognizing outstanding published romance novels and novellas.


The award itself is a golden statuette named after RWA’s first president, Rita Clay Estrada, and has become the symbol for excellence in published romance fiction.



Christi Corbett was the first person to subscribe to my blog and she has been a loyal reader for over four years now. We met on-line in a Writer’s Digest group, we exchange comments, emails, and phone calls. I can’t ever list three items with an “and” and forget the comma because she has drilled the Oxford Comma into my brain.

I have taken her bio from her blog.

From a young age, writing was an integral part of Christi Corbett’s life. It was a skill she further developed during her career as a television writer. Now, Christi continues to broaden her writing horizons with her novel, Along the Way Home, a Historical Western novel about the Oregon Trail.


After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Communications, Christi took a job with a CBS affiliate in the Creative Services Department. Over the years her lifelong love of writing was put to good use; in addition to writing over three hundred television commercials, she earned the position as head writer for a weekly television show. Furthermore, she was responsible for writing over one hundred press releases detailing the station’s various special events, community programs, and news department awards.

Currently, Christi lives in a small town in Oregon with her husband, and twin children. The location of the home holds a special place in Christi’s writing life; the view from her back door is a hill travelers looked upon years ago as they explored the Oregon Territory and beyond.

Christi is a member of Women Writing the West and The Ridge Writers, a local writing critique group.


christi.rone award


This is Christi this past weekend at a book signing. She was unable to attend the RONE awards in person, but the thrill was certainly the high point of her family’s week. The RONE … Spotlighting the very best and rewarding excellence in the 2014 Indie and Small Publishing Industry.

christi.rone two

Congratulations to both of these amazing women.


How many times?  I mean, count to yourself and tell me … how many times have you heard … all good things come to those who wait??

I would amend that to say … all good things come to those who work hard, believe in themselves, and never give up. I mean don’t just sit there and “wait” for the knock on the door. Prince Charming never knocks and opportunity is inside your soul … listen for it … know it when it comes … and grab onto the gold ring and never let go.

see you in sept


This will be my last blog post until September 3rd. Read, write, play and enjoy the balance of your summer.

Do you have good news to share?.

Yours or a friend. Tell me.

fOIS In The City




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16 responses to “A change of plans …

  1. Oh my gosh, Florence, what a wonderful way to wake up! Thank you so much! For highlighting me, and for introducing me to Christi – I’m going to buy her book right now – It sounds wonderful!

    You inspire me as well – I’ve seen you work hard and improve over the years – to the point that you’re ready – some agent is going to snatch you up! Who knew a klutsy biker-chick and a NY broad would end up friends online?

    So grateful to have you in my life! THANK YOU!


    • Laura, I know you will find a kindred spirit in Christi. On the outside she seems like a little kitten, but she has the heart of a momma lion. Good thing, since she runs after twins.

      I started my journey seven years ago and many times I wanted to quit. I know now,that without you in my life, I might not be as far along as I am, and I will never quit.

      You said in your speech that it took you fifteen years and so you had lots of people to thank. When my time comes, you will be on the top of my list of people to thank. Thanks for pushing and encouraging and thanks for teaching. I am also grateful to have you in my life 🙂


  2. “opportunity is inside your soul” — well said. There is another thing that is true (for a self-pubbed person like myself, it HAS to be true): the work is its own reward. You can work hard, persist, and never get out of obscurity. But that can be all right, too, if you work with integrity.
    My good news: The new series of short stories, The Green Man series, is going well. I am going to release them in pairs, as I did with Blood Psychics/Joan Holland.


    • Lindsay, you are not the only self-pubbed writer I’ve read, but you are among one of the most dedicated and talented. I am pleased to say I have read you and that you have a marvelous voice to share with the world.

      The work is “its own reward” is true for all of us, no matter how we get between the boards. If not for us, then for who? Good news can multiply and I am certain yours will. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Thank you so much, Florence, for posting Laura’s acceptance speech. It’s great to put a real live face to a name of a woman I admire for the gracious way she helps anyone and everyone who has asked her for advice. I know she jumped at the chance to give me advice when I asked for it even though she must be busier than I can imagine writing all those books.
    I’ll see you in September.


    • Patti, that is so true. I found out the hard way that when you work with a group you always give the work to the person who is the busiest. Unfortunately, that always ended up to be me. But you are right, Laura is generous with her time and her advice.

      Thanks for being here every week … I look forward to a new blog year tis fall. Have a great rest of the summer 🙂


  4. christicorbett


    When I saw Laura Drake’s name as the winner of the RITA I remembered it from all the times you’ve mentioned her on your blog. I did a huge happy dance for her!

    And I agree wholeheartedly with Laura; your writing is amazing and an agent is going to snatch you up soon!

    Thank you so much for featuring my award news on your blog today. You’re a fantastic friend and I’m so happy to have met you and kept in touch all these years.

    Thanks too for posting Laura’s acceptance speech. I love knowing there are other writers out there who took years to get published (it took me 13 to go from initial idea to book contract).



    • Christi, I loved putting you both as a pair. Both friends, both determined, both hard working. Now you both know each other 🙂

      Let’s say that I hope your words and Laura’s words follow the adage … from your lips to God’s ears. Thanks so much for being a good friend all these years 🙂


  5. Hi, Florence, my good news is that I made a friend–you. You write such interesting things and then find the time to comment on my posts. Thank you, sweet girl. And yes, at RWA I found out my mystery, Temporarily Employed, releases October 17. After almost ten years, my dream comes true. Thank you for letting me share. Hugs!


    • A big happy dance for your release, Vicki !!! Maybe the day will come that we can all celebrate in person, sing a little song, do a little dance, and we’ll be jolly, jolly friends forever more.

      Big hugs back at’cha xoxo 🙂


  6. annerallen

    Major congrats to Laura and Christi!


    • Thanks, Anne … don’t you just love good news? Speaking of which … not only have I enjoyed your books the past couple of years … you put me onto Catherine’s … Walk Me Home. I read it in one sitting and I am hungry for more. As she coined so long ago, we read and celebrate each other … and we Pay It Forward 🙂


  7. Florence – This is a beautiful tribute post and I’m tipping my hat at both Laura and Christi. They’ve both accomplished so much in their lives (and not with writing alone). You are one of a kind my friend and as Laura said above, your day is ‘here.’

    Enjoy your summer away from the blog. Before you go, I’d like to share with you that Tom is gaining ground with his health every day. We’ve been out and about the last 3 days and it’s been more than wonderful. I haven’t the words to describe. You’ve been a steadying force for me the last 4 1/2 years when the going has been so hard and I wanted to share good new with you. See you in September. Sheri


  8. Congratulations to Laura and to Christi. And have a great summer break, Florence! 🙂


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