Assignment-How I Spent My Summer Vacation …

Does anyone remember those hokey essays your teacher gave you the first week back to school?

 Summer-vacation-cartoonGraphic Credit

How I spent my summer vacation … remember you always counted those words. “Teacher, teacher, how many words?” So you counted the words in the title, didn’t you?

Blah, blah, blah.

Don’t get hung up with details … I did tons of things … let’s leave it at that.

Another year begins …

And as another year begins, I am clueless as to what I should say and do on the blog, today, next Wednesday or all the other Wednesdays to come.

This morning I thought to jump into a first person satirical monologue on the dangers of mass hypnosis, the plague of yellow journalism, the phenomena of the “talking heads,” and the truth behind Big Brother.

Needing a good laugh, however, I’ll spare you.

And in the spirit of fair play, to preserve the mantra of our super heroes, and for the sake of “truth, justice and the American way,” I will borrow from my alter-ego, Antoinette.

Television advertising for instance …

Do you suffer from RLS?

What the hell is RLS you ask? It’s Restless Leg Syndrome. Happily, the ABC Drug Company has the cure.

Along with RLS there are also a plethora of neurotic ills that plague our fellow citizens … consider if you will COD, ADHD or any combination of dyslexic, anorexic, bulimic, bi-polar disorders, more fascinating than alphabet soup.

Then, of course, there is my new favorite … PD.

Think about your granny or your old maid Aunt Mabel sitting with their knitting. They hear the strains of romantic music and look up with a smile at their twelve-inch RCA to see a man and a woman gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

Do you or your mate suffer from penile dysfunction?

You can’t make this stuff up folks.


Cartoon credit

Neurosis is what neurosis does.

Phrases anyone?

“Being in the moment.” Like I have a choice or maybe I could wiggle my nose and not be in this moment.

“This has been the worst day of my entire life.”  Oh, so you’re going to drop dead now?

“I have never been so insulted.”  Wait, I’ll try better next time.

On the dark side …

Antoinette is not only my alter-ego, she is my best friend and partner. She came to me in my late twenties, when my little girl was but a babe, when life was still a promise yet fulfilled, when it seemed easier, simpler.

Now she prods and pokes at me, her laughter mocking my efforts to stretch my psyche across the page for your entertainment.

This month, when we reach the first day of fall, I will begin another decade in my life. The page will turn in the giant book and I will have a new blank space to fill.

Some choose not to turn the page, they defy the devil that is Father Time and summarily jump off the merry-go-round.

Some of those we have loved left us all too soon, but their light lingers, trails through the sky like the tail of a comet.

I loved Robin Williams. In a virtual sense as only fans can every love a performer. He spoke to something in all of us. He was one of the few who could make us laugh and cry at once.

I wish he had decided to stay and turn to the next page with me. But like the others in my actual family, his time here was done.

In Robin’s honor and to remember all those  we have lost, I would like to share one of my most beloved poems by Emily Dickinson.

Ample Make This Bed

Ample make this bed.
Make this bed with awe;
In it wait till judgment break
Excellent and fair.

Be its mattress straight,
Be its pillow round;
Let no sunrise’ yellow noise
Interrupt this ground.

Where to go from here …

The next few months will be jam packed with my off-centered perception of this life we all live. As the planet continues to spin on its axis in the universe, as the sun continues to rise and fall, and as I find my way to another crossroad … I will reach out for your hand.

Hold on tight and we’ll have a jolly good time. Thanks for coming back.

Pray tell me readers, did you have a slammin’ good summer?

Any great plans for the new season?

fOIS In The City


Remember those that have gone before you. Keep them in your heart and they will have true immortality. RIP Robin




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14 responses to “Assignment-How I Spent My Summer Vacation …

  1. Love that Emily Dickinson poem. I don’t know how she knew everything about living, but she did. My summer was the “steady-on” type. I am working on a short story cycle involving a place called Green Town (homage to Ray Bradbury, there), set in 2199, but without anything techie or even very futuristic.


    • Yes, Lindsay … that is also the poem that is read by Nathan at the end of Sophie’s Choice. And Emily was given the gift of wisdom far beyond the confines of her cottage and gardens.

      Sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you. Good going. Bradbury is one of the best 🙂 Have fun !!


  2. I saw the tribute to Robin given by Billy C and it was so heartfelt and you could tell he was trying to keep it together. My summer was filled with taking care of my daughter and a vacation at Stinson Beach in Northern California with a lot of teenagers and our two dogs. It was pretty cool.


  3. Glad you had a good time, Patti. I don’t wonder that the beaches in Northern California are mag. Hope your daughter is okay now.

    Yes, I didn’t see the award show,but I went to youtube to see that segment. They were very close and I was thinking it must have been heartbreaking for him to give a memorial to one of the greats 🙂


  4. Hi, Florence, you have been missed! I hope you came back from vacay all cool and refreshed and ready to ramble. I’ve been away off and on for several weeks and have found that I don’t like doing writing work then. I’d rather read, plop in front of the TV, and needlepoint. Alas, nothing would get done…. Hugs, VB


    • I actually did miss coming here, Vicki. It’s the exchange that I become addicted to. Not to mention the good company I keep when I am blogging.

      I’ve seen some of your needlepoint on your purses. Great stuff. I am refreshed and ready for another blast. xoxoxo to you 🙂


  5. christicorbett

    I had RLS when I was pregnant with my twins. So weird to feel that I HAD to move my legs!

    My summer was a great one, filled with lots of road trips to visit friends and family, lots of backyard adventures for my twins, and they each got to do a sleepover at a friend’s house too.

    Sad to see them back to school, but eagerly awaiting the change of seasons. Our summer was the hottest since the 50’s, and I don’t like the hot, so I’m happy to welcome fall 😀



    • Christi, it’s nice that you love the cold and the kids and camping out. It is so the image I have of you. We might be at opposite poles with some of that stuff. So glad to be back and to see you here, Thanks 🙂


  6. Oh, how I’ve missed you! I had a wonderful summer for the most part . . . looking forward to another fantastic school year. You mean I shouldn’t have given that essay the first day?! 😉


    • And I’ve missed that wonderful smile of yours, Jamie. You always brighten up my day. I know you do that for your lucky students. Well I guess for you the odd answers the kids will give you is worth the effort 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed your summer … now go shape young minds !!


  7. Welcome home, Florence. It’s nice to see you back. We’re still in the middle of heat waves but have been spared the terrible flash floods and other bad weather so can’t complain. I’m more than ready for a change of season.


    • Nice to be home. I think we are all ready for a change. Here in South Florida we get about two or three weeks of “winter” … when it dips below sixty 🙂 Good to hear from you again, Sheri 🙂


  8. Nice to have you back, Florence! Your post made me giggle, it made me go, “aaaah.” I, too, shall miss Robin Williams. We lose too many it seems. How I wish it didn’t have to be so.


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