The colors of our world …

Where did that come from, you say?

I left a note last week that I’d be doing another sad tale. Oh, but the sun is out and spring is in the air. It makes me want to dance, to fly, to throw my hands up and shout … Hallelujah !

Doing the backstroke in the pool today , my eyes went skyward seeing a pallet of fluffy white set against a canvas of azure blue … lit by a huge yellow ball and warmed with bright green prongs swaying in a warm breeze.

Colors describe our universe. They are the white heat of anger … the red flash of passion … a pink blush of shy … the green-eyed monster of envy.

Thus … this candy-coated-color detour to City Scapes.

The colors of my world … 

I came from a place called Brooklyn, with its wide-sandy beaches, skirting the blue-gray slate of the Atlantic Ocean. I came from a place of winding rivers and churning waters of the harbor, from small inlets and fishing communities; a salt marsh and natural springs.

I grew up in a factory district with thousands of workers making millions of multi-colored garments, watched hundreds of freight cars and tug boats … flashing kaleidoscopes of signs and logos and world flags.

I played in famous parks and frolicked at one of the most famous beaches in the world … with its amusements and arcades, an artist’s vision of a merry-go-round and a dazzling wonder wheel with bright crayola-crayon-colored cars.

As a girl and a teenager, I took the subway to Manhattan. The City … connected to the other four boroughs by train and bus, car and ferry-boat. As a single mom I settled in one of the most scenic and amazing sights in New York … Washington Heights and Inwood.

I never tired of the patch-work quilt of people and places when I ventured to the parts of the city I loved.

The Great White Way … the New York Broadway Theater District …

Anyone who grew up within decent travel time of Broadway can surely remember their first play … the first time you were dazzled by a live performance. For most, that was probably a musical. And if you didn’t grow up within a decent travel time … you might want to visit one day. No matter what type of play you enjoy, whether you are a tourist of a nature … you would love taking the New York Guided Walking Tour of the theater district.

 broadwayTake a walking tour

 The Technicolor lights of the new Times Square…

Times Square is a major commercial intersection and a neighborhood in midtown Manhattan … located at the junction of Broadway (which has now been converted into a pedestrian plaza) and Seventh Avenue. It stretches from West 42nd to West 47th Streets.

Times Square in New York City.

The new Times Square

Adorned with brightly-colored billboards and flashing marquis, Times Square is often referred to as the crossroads of the world, the center of the universe or The Great White Way.

It is one of the busiest pedestrian intersections and the hub of the Broadway Theater District. It is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, drawing over 39 million visitors annually … approximately 330,000 people pass through Times Square daily, both tourists and people who work in the area.

Times Square in the 50’s …

I think of the dozens of times our parents took us to mid-town … to show one of our wide-eyed-country-bumpkin-cousins the sights of Times Square.



Roseland, The Paladium, the Copacabana … and of course … everyone loved to stand across from the famous “smoking” Camel sign

 Camel2The old smoking Camel

Tourists with sandals and white socks with their ever-ready cameras … small children with their mouths agape … men hawking main attractions at clubs and dance halls … and though Times Square seems to have changed … it has not.

It was then and is today … a man-made-cotton-candy-colored-marvel.

A happily-ever-after view …

If you are going to make it that year … the Romance Writers of America National Conference will once again be housed at the Broadway Marriot Hotel … The Marriot Marquis

Times square marriot

Times Square Marriott Marquis

A treat for visiting tourists or romance-loving-type writers is the New York City Circle line.

Take a two and a half ride around the entire island of Manhattan … from Battery Park up the Hudson … under the George Washington Bridge and around the tip of the island passed the giant Columbia C.

columbia C

 A view from Inwood Park

In the foreground is the Washington Bridge, which carries six lanes of traffic, as well as sidewalks on both sides, over the Harlem River in NYC between the boroughs of Manhattan and the Bronx; connecting 181st Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Washington Heights to University Avenue in The Morris Heights neihborhood of the Bronx.

circle line

Circle Line Cruise

 Or take the evening cruise, a magical-carpet-like ride to see parts of the island from water … the sunset cruise of the Circle Line … Harbor Lights Cruise:

For something a bit more romantic, set sail on the same route as the Semi-Circle Cruise as the sun sets and the skyline comes alive at night. Cruise down the Hudson, around the Battery, up the East River, and back to the 42nd Street Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises pier. Along the way, witness the world’s premier skyline and a close-up view of Lady Liberty, and a host of sights.


It’s not all concrete and steel …

Detective stories on television and in the movies often highlight the shades of gray (and more than 50 I might add) of The City. It depicts what I tell people is not the sum total of what you find when you visit New York.

Fool. New York is not all grime and pollution in charcoal smudges. It is  five fabulous boroughs of gleaming-glittering fun .

If you venture through the dozens of neighborhoods of the island of Manhattan, you will visit hundreds of places of language and culture, of rich tradition and amazing sights and sounds … and of course … there are always the ten thousand restaurants on the east side.

 How about you reader …

How do you color your world?

fOIS In The City


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16 responses to “The colors of our world …

  1. Oh, Florence – I’m going to NY for RWA this year, and had forgotten that I had a great resource for sightseeing, right here! Thanks SO much for the ‘tour’!

    My friend and I have scheduled two days for sightseeing – mine will be the Metropolitan Museum – hers? Don’t know, but I’m sending her this blog so she can decide!

    So wish you were going to be there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Laura 🙂 I would so love to meet you there. You are going to love it. The Marriott is smack in the middle of much of this and the view at night is wonderful. Love your choice of places … the Met if one of my favs. If you have limited touring time, do the Red Bus tour and take to the open second deck … that or the 2.5 hour Circle Line tour. You will turn at the tip of the island and be within waving distance of the Inwood Hills and the view in the picture of the Wash Bridge.

      You’d better take tons of pictures !!


  2. I love seeing New York through these blogs. What a gift you give your lucky readers.


  3. sfreydont

    You bring every place, every moment alive. Makes me want to jump in the car and spend the day there, then I consider the tunnel and my deadline and I’m very happy that you brought a taste to me today

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ain’t it the truth, Shelley. When we lived in Northern Manhattan, I did love the ride across the GW Bridge or taking the Wash Bridge to the Bronx and farther north. I do trust you will take a ride through the tunnel to visit some of our friends at RWA. Thanks … every time I do one of these, I am transport myself and have so much fun 🙂


  4. City Scapes is one of my favorite blogs because I get to look at the New York City area with a completely different perspective than I started out with. I never dreamed it was so filled with beautiful sights and sounds and WAY more than dirt and grime and crowds and rude people – which is how it’s so often portrayed.
    I love the San Francisco Bay Area and I know we get millions of tourists as well. I really take the entire experience for granted sometimes because this is where I was born and bred. But, I do love this part of California and have left, only to return, glad that I can call this my home.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Patti … I often hum Tony Bennett’s … I Left My Heart in San Francisco … because I understand the feeling. It is one of the cities I long to see. I’m glad you enjoy and appreciate your home town and I am also glad you enjoy my descriptions of my home town. Thanks 🙂


  5. vicki

    Hi, Florence! I never had a lot of money for traveling while single. So after Handsome and I married, we went to NYC. I could not stop looking and I come from a large city! I loved looking at the buildings, people watching, the activities in Central Park, the Broadway lights. My first show on Broadway was Phantom of the Opera. The second, Grand Hotel. I cared less about the food and more about what to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vicki, thanks so much. The reason I began City Scapes is because I can never be done showing off places in my city. Not only Manhattan … but where I was born and bred … Brooklyn.

      Central Park alone has already had one post and could be done in a half dozen posts. There is so much there to see. There is so much in all our cities that people would love to see 🙂


  6. christicorbett

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these pictures and your insights into the locations. It’s a fantastic way to get a tour of the city, without leaving my couch (I’d love to head cross-country, but funds won’t allow, so your tours are how I get my east coast fix)

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are more than welcome, Christi. I love that I can give people a virtual tour of all the places I love in New York. One of these days, both of us will reverse fortune and if not at one end of the country … maybe we’ll meet in the middle 🙂


  7. I’ve never thought of all the colors in a city (or place), Florence, so your description of NY in all its colorful glory is breathtaking! My small part of the world is still dotted with white clumps of snow, but between those clumps are the many shades of brown as the ground here slowly thaws and comes alive for spring. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sheila, I do love when you post pictures of your world on FB. And the photographs of the work you did on your son’s farm were also amazing.

      Soon, tiny buds will push through the dark, cold earth and blossom in a burst of color 🙂


  8. All of your posts make me want to go back to NY! I’ve been there twice; once in 1997 when my high school newspaper won a huge award so we got to visit Columbia University; another time in 2004 when one of our best friend’s got married in Central Park. My two daughters are dying for us to go there!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wonderful, Jamie … if you went in 2004 you have already seen the changes in Time Square. If you get to take your children, think about the many boat rides … just the Staten Island Ferry gives wonderful views of New York harbor and Lady Liberty.

      I hope you all get there soon … thanks 🙂


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