Space-The final frontier-Part One …

This past Sunday, Anne R. Allen wrote a post about the various ways to avoid spam on the internet, using examples of what one should not do in the social network to annoy, badger, eat of the forbidden fruit … or what is proper on-line etiquette for writers … How NOT to be a Spammer: A Guide for Authors.

I love when my fellow bloggers give me inspiration; i.e. fodder … for one of my own posts.

Today is the first in a series of how we went from there to here … how the domino of the first social network … the now obsolete My Space … led to a cacophony of social networks … which led to an army of groups … which led us into the new age.

The language and format used … and how each of these connects to a vast network of social, educational and insane communications … not only for writers … but for everyone.

And while My Space was the first of the social networks … Google … the giant of giants in search engines … takes us to all the known and unknown planets in our universe to the stratosphere and to the ionosphere of information gathering that has no end … like a life line that never dies.

Google It ...

The blank search line that can be filled in to make an instant connection.

All of our life we make connections … we connect to likened souls, to music, a moving image or still life in art.

When boomers thought of connection … their minds jumped to groups, demonstrations, causes … either lost or found.

Then technology reared her flighty head and suddenly we were connected to everything.

Yes, every darn thing there is to see or do or read or study.

In a flash we can travel the globe or reduce weeks of research to hours.

google it

Google it !!

Before …

If we asked a parent or a teacher what a word meant they countered with … go look it up.

Ever try to look up a word in a dictionary if you can’t spell?

grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat

If we needed to do a research paper, we went to a library to peruse the stacks for encyclopedias and related books on our topic.

When we needed to find a local restaurant … we let our fingers do the walking … in the Yellow Pages.

If we wanted to know more about a famous person … we found their biography and read about them.

And if we wanted a chart of the schedule for the NCAA Basketball Tournament … we read the sports section of our newspaper.

A scandal or a tasty morsel of gossip flashed the headlines of a trashy tabloid … the Sunday papers announced deaths, weddings, engagements, mergers, acquisitions, houses to buy or sell, and automobiles available in your area.

Hundred of trees died every week to produce the ten pound wonder of the Sunday New York Times and bring you all the “news fit to print.”

After …

If a child asks a parent or teacher the meaning of a word … they tell them to “Google it.”

google it.02

Google logic

And you don’t have to know how to spell. the search engine auto corrects what you are looking for … “did you mean ??”

You can correct spelling and grammar or look up dozens of words related to other words in an on-line thesaurus.

In a flash you can find any fact, figure, image or news headline … simply fill in the blank space on Google and the search engine will spit out a million related articles.

The Encyclopedia Britannica is no longer printing actual books but is available exclusively on line.

For a fast reference to anyone or thing … any event or object of curiosity … you can use Wikopedia dot com.

Google it.03

Google humor

Where do your FB friends find funny animal videos, nature scenes or Grumpy Cat humor? You got that right. They Google, copy and past … and post it anywhere in the vast expanse of cyber space.

You can go to school from K through graduate school on-line, take classes in everything and anything and if you can’t find a quick lesson on how-to do that darn oil change … go to Youtube and find dozens of lessons on how to fix your car or find an old song or a concert you missed.

Nothing is not available. No thing is unattainable. No word or speech or group. No television episode or full-length movie. It is all out there.

All you have to do is go to the search engine and Google It.

Without a conscious thought, we go to that blank line dozens of times every week … for some … dozens of times a day.

Zillions of words and images are floating in cyber space … and when you want to find any of them … Google It!

What to do with it all …

So you’ve looked up that word or you found the perfect cartoon image to post on Facebook … you wrote that first or second book … crafted a lovely collection of poetry and someone told you … go forth young writer and network.

Fly though space and give everyone the news. But how and where? What if you are not a writer? What do young mothers do … what about the wives of the military … the animal advocates … or the just plain annoying folks who end up on your FB Timeline?

Not to worry. It seems that millions of just plain folks find social networking a fun way of communicating … and when they want to send a message or a video or they need to post the latest in political rhetoric … the first thing they do is Google It.

Tell me if you will …

What are your favorite things to fill in

That blank line?

How often do you Google It?

fOIS In The City

Note:   The social network that left My Space in the dust is the topic of next week’s Random Thoughts … that and more humor from Maxine … a true Facebook favorite.


Maxine Philosophy


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16 responses to “Space-The final frontier-Part One …

  1. So true, Florence – instant info at your fingertips. Alpha Dog looks up stuff 100 times a day. We can no longer play that game, “Who was that actor who was in….?”

    Always, progress is good – and bad.


    • True enough, Laura … but now we can play the game differently. We can Google the name of that actor and look up his/her bio and professional history … find out our favorite team’s stats for this season and for all seasons and well …

      Like all things … it is good and it is bad 🙂


  2. sfreydont

    It sounds so lonely—oh wait. It is.


  3. I wouldn’t say lonely, but it does cause a mind-body split. You connect mind to mind with many people while your body is stuck in a chair in a room. This is not new. Armchair travelers, TV watchers and readers have always done this, but we do it all the time now, over and over. It can be overdone.


    • Oh yes, Lindsay … it can be overdone … well done and done to a crisp. Yet, every single day we find ourselves sitting there on the barbie … gladly letting the hot coals burn a hole in our head.

      And I don’t know a single person among us who would give it up … even this library lover is grateful for the hundreds of hours of research I am able to condense into a few good searches on the net 🙂


  4. There are so many good things about how easy it is to look things up today and it’s all about saving time, isn’t it? So that we can do more of what we’d rather do. Granted, I text people sometimes instead of calling them. I FB message them instead of writing them a letter. And yet, I have the opportunity to interface with people I’d never “normally” have anything to do with and that’s a cool thing. I never would have believed that after I find something I really think is cool that the first thing I do is post it on FB! But that’s exactly what I do. Why? To share it with other people. That’s how I use FB anyway. I like to see what interests other people and comment about it. It’s a different kind of fun that I can do at my leisure.
    It’s what we’re doing right now, Florence. I read your blog and post a comment. You read my comment and post a reply. We’ve connected even though I may never meet you in real life. Odd, eh?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. vicki

    Good morning, Florence! I am having fun with this age of social media, although I wish FB would go back in some respects. I actually googled the climate zones for planting this morning so I could buy my aunt a vintage rose. And on 60 minutes, there was a very interesting article about Wikipedia. Happy day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You bet your sweet smile, we are having fun, fun, fun and daddy can’t take the T-Bird or the internet away !!!

      Wikipedia is our go-to reference for so many people and events, it’s hard to imagine what we did before we found it. The climate is right for selecting a rose and for doing just about anything 🙂


  6. annerallen

    Thoughtful post, Florence. I’m so glad my post helped inspire it! It’s so true. I used to haunt old bookstores to find that Agatha Christie I hadn’t read or that book of poems I wanted to own. Now we can go to Amazon and order pretty much any book every written in a matter of minutes.

    But I did enjoy poking around those old stores.

    And I miss the “what ever happened to…?” conversations we used to have. Now we Google and know “what happened to….” in an instant. All that fun speculation gets erased.


    • Anne, it is always a pleasure to find inspiration on your great blog. Now as for trivia … in NYC there was a prequel to all of this. The Main Library in both Brooklyn and Manhattan had homework lines where students from k through college could call up and get references and homework help for free.

      And the original Barnes & Noble had a hotline you could call. A few moons ago a friend and I checked the line … “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times …” because we had both forgotten which book had that as the first line.

      I love this era of techi-wonders and think it doesn’t truly cook our brains, it just gives us and our kids a new means of finding information 🙂


  7. christicorbett

    I saw a funny cartoon the other day. “Respect your parents. They went to college before there was Google.”

    My husband and I love to send our twins to the dictionary or the full set of encyclopedias when they have a question about something. We want them to appreciate how difficult research is, so when we do allow them to use technology they’ll appreciate it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good for you and the hubster, Christi. It is great training to teach them the old ways. Even in this digital age, the best photography schools still teach students how to develop B&W photographs using the bins of chemicals and so on. There is something special about the old ways and I hope future generations can get to enjoy them 🙂


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