Tres-The way I see it …

Or …

To blog or not to blog …

It’s a cultural phenomenum … it’s a vain waste of time … it’s a relevant way to communicate on a thousand different topics with three or four people … it is a great means to an end.


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And speaking of … read Anne R. Allen’s post from this Sunday and get great blogging tips and advice.

Okay … you are reading this … or maybe you’re having your first cup of coffee and wish it had not landed in your e-mail this morning.

You are a fellow blogger … you hate blogs but you love me.

You don’t know how the hell you got on my subscription list and never learned how to unsubscribe to anything on the net.

To blog is to be a blogger or blogs are often powered by Blogger, WordPress and I don’t know.

Blogger sounds like blog-her. Like her-a-cane … the phoeonetic of a brutal storm that is given a name.

Used to be that they were only named after females. Then a group of women protested and we got hurricane Oscar?

Sorry ladies, guys take this one: More of the deadliest, costliest hurricanes have been tagged with male names.

To keep things fair, we only included hurricanes since 1979, as all hurricanes were given female names between 1953 and that year. (Before 1953, latitude-longitude identification methods were used to tag hurricanes.)

Also, after a storm does devastingly descusting damage, that name is retired.

Here is South Florida the top of the list is Andrew.

Enough … I digress …


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And here we are … me, you, and a couple of folks who perceived that the last of my perception stuff might be interesting.

And talking about my trilogies … some of the time I get a resounding response to the first, a blah reaction to the second and a terrible thud to three.

Where it all began …

I was a late third addition to the family tree and so it was like I was an only child, the only girl, the only person who had a running dialogue with herself … even though I was not the only person on that tree who was well … nuts.

I talked to myself I suppose because I got lonely or because I had so much to say, it had to find a place to go.

My mother … “You do know that people who talk to themselves are considered crazy?”

Me … “Yeah?”

The Big Guy … “Will  you cut that out. I never know who the hell  you’re talking to me or you.”

The Middle one … “You keep that up and they’ll put you in a rubber room.

The Head Honcho … “Basta, figlia mia. Se dusi patso.” Translation: Daugher o fmine, stop that crazy talk.”

Fast forward to living with the children’s father … “I heard you talking in the bathroom again last night.”


And of course, the children. “Ma, why do you do that?”

Finally, I was divested of the nuclear family, the hubby and at last I left the kids 1,200 miles away in NYC and happily talk myself silly.

I often talk in character or switch sides in a debate. I’ve been known to mimic a male voice and I use language that would make a sailor blush.



The solution-blogging …

The way I saw it was clear. I’d find something funny and I’d talk about it. Like doing stand-up comedy in writing.

I would have loved to have been a female Carlin or Richard Pryor. Even at this late stage in my life, I still wonder what it would have been like to take the stage and rant on my favorite flavor of the month.

To have the courage of Carlin who took his right to free speech (no matter how others perceived it as vulgar) to the Supreme Court and won.

To be Richard Pryor and say whatever strange thoughts bounce around in my head.

Alas, I am merely a kid from Brooklyn with time on her hands and stuff on her mind and decided to come here to see if someone might be interested.

So I told stories or found great places you might want to learn about or I took snippets from books, or rambled on about nothing at all.

Like this series will be in the “Rambling” category.

An odd subject that I may not repeat but felt compelled to share would be in the “Random Thought” category … and so it goes from week to week.

You can go to my side bar and instead of finding all my outstand blog awards, you will find my archives and my categories, a precious handful of other blogs and a few of my daughter’s amazing photographs.

The point here is crystal … blogging can be fun, educational and a wonderful release of tension for those solitary up-tight types. Whether a reader or a doer … enjoy.

How did you get here?

Do you blog or just love reading them?

fOIS In The City

maxine growing old

Getting older? Too bad.





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14 responses to “Tres-The way I see it …

  1. You find the funniest memes! I started blogging in Aug. of 2010 after I attended RWA & wanted to connect with other writers online . . . yep, much more of us blogging back then! But I’m glad you’re still trucking along!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Florence! I’ll always read your blogs because they’re overflowing with your personality and they’re fun and often funny. I blogged for about 3 or 4 years straight every Wednesday without fail and you were always one of my constant commenters. Then I stopped because my commenters dwindled to the point that I felt as if I were blogging only for myself. I’ve been meaning to start up again but haven’t. They say to blog about what you’re passionate about and that’s always been “animals” for me. So I think I’ll start up again but I have to create a mindset for myself that I don’t care if anyone reads them, I guess, because that’s kind of the way it is. Actually people do read them but rarely comment. I’m in a quandary about it still……

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patti, I for one have missed you terribly. I also looked forward to Wed. It doesn’t matter how many read you … still your idea to start up again and use your love of animals sounds perfect for you. Hope you decide to come back !! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. christicorbett

    You’ve got a forever reader in me! I’m a blogger, and I love to read your blogs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You bet’cha, Christi. We go back a long way you and me or me and you … you and I … anyway … we both go back a long way with this blog stuff and I for one would be too, too sad if you ever stopped !!! 🙂


  4. Hi, Florence! I do not subscribe to many blogs, rather prefer to randomly hit others. However, I do get yours and I love it. I love your stories and your caring. Everything. I do blog: handbags, books, movies, recipes–whatever. I blog for four other blogsites. I like how doing this works writing muscles.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi yourself, Vicki. I do enjoy all of your passions and to keep up with four other blogs is amazing. Happily, you never run dry and that’s a pleasure for those of us who read you. Thanks for the kind words … right back at’cha 🙂


  5. I always enjoy your blog. I used to blog regularly, but that has turned to occasionally.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. annerallen

    Thanks for the shout out. Keep blogging! Even if you were just talking to yourself–which obviously you aren’t–that would be fine. A recent study shows that geniuses always talk to themselves! Love this blog!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. It is always my pleasure to give you a shout-out. Yours is one of those very special places … and I enjoy that it comes out the same day as tthe Sunday Times. Two musts for our Sundays 🙂 And if talking to myself is not proof enough of my insanity — or genius — I am also left-handed 🙂


  8. I’m a blogger of course. I read quite a few blogs. You’re one of my favs. My slow connection really puts a damper on things. Wish I could visit around blogland a little more often,

    Liked by 1 person

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