Let Me Entertain You …

Let me make you smile.

All my life I thought I was supposed to be on the stage, to dance and sing, to act or make jokes, to entertain and make you feel good.

No matter what befalls me in this strange and wonderful life … I have always preferred to laugh. Of our senior graduating class of over 800 in my all-girls high school, I was voted “The Most Likely to Make You Laugh.”

The class clown, the forever mischievous, curious and exasperating pest… I loved to laugh and make others laugh with me.

Laughter is the cure for just about anything. It has been proven that the very act of smiling can make a person feel better. Smile and the world smiles with you … weep and you weep alone.

Drama is hard … comedy is harder.

Crack open any funny bone and you might find a dark marrow. Peek behind the façade of many comics and you might see hardship and tragedy. You may see the part of them they hide.

Robin Williams is a very recent and real example of the hidden tragedy in many funny guys … he was also a wonderful example of the genius that makes many comics great actors.


Laughter cures. Laughter cheers. Laughter is in my humble opinion the best damn drug in the known universe.

Laughter does not always make one “happy” in the orthodox sense … Carlin made me laugh while he stoked my political indignation.

Probably one of the best known comics to make us laugh over nothing at all was Seinfeld … the man who could take a group of people who were about nothing and did a great deal of nothing and make them funny.

He took everyday life, turned it around in his mind, and made funny.

If given a choice we might all laugh.

So, go on and have a laugh on me. It is after all what I live for.

Who makes you laugh?

And do they poke at something other than your “funny bone?”

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13 responses to “Let Me Entertain You …

  1. I love watching bad movies with good friends.

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  2. Thanks for starting my morning with laughter and some of my favorite comedians. I love Ellen and Robin and Jerry and George so much. You know how to pick ’em, Florence. Just great. At 5:30 in the morning!

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  3. Hi, Florence. Just being with people and saying goofy things makes me laugh. Although one Christmas, my funsisters and I had a little champagne and got all excited about Real men–plumbers, carpenters, electricians…

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  4. annerallen

    I’m with you. Comedy is the best medicine! I wish comedy got more respect. We have all these ever-bloodier dramas in movies, books and TV. Why all the obsession with death? As Edmund Kean said, “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” But how many comedians win Oscars?

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    • Ellen, that is the exact quote I was going for !! Yes, this is becoming another of those dark ages … like when my kids were growing up and all the groups did what I called “wrist slitting music,” and every teenager was dressed in black 🙂

      Maybe Robin Williams got close with Good Morning Vietnam … but in truth that was not a comedy.


  5. christicorbett

    Such fun clips! Thanks for sharing!


  6. My 11yo and my students make me laugh everyday 🙂


  7. Florence – I’ve never enjoyed comedy clubs or satire in writing. I guess you could say I’m one of the down in the dirt serious people. That doesn’t make me special in any sense of the word and I’ve wished more times than I can remember just how much I wished I could laugh. Tom and I used to laugh together but that magic is gone. Yes, I still have laughter in my life but it’s rare and I cherish the moments when it arrives and stays a moment or two. Thanks for another great post.


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