Where it started:    Born and raised in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, I spent many happy childhood years in various other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

For six years I lived near Shore Parkway in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, home of one of the best bicycle paths in Brooklyn.

My last residence in New York was over the Manhattan Bridge to the most diverse, scenic neighborhoods in the five boroughs; Washington Heights and Inwood.

In that crazy place called The Heights, I made my home working in the neighborhood and spent eighteen years in community development and children’s not-for-profit. Along with being an executive secretary before, during and after college, being a director of a grass-roots agency was the best training for what I am doing now.

Where I am now:  A few years ago, I moved twelve hundred miles south of my beloved Brooklyn, far from the madding crowd of Manhattan and retired.

Technically the title of my blog should be: fOIS In The City “dash” At Large.

Is it proper to call myself a NYC gal? You bet your last chapter it is. Am I totally truthful when I use my home as NYC on Facebook. Yep, right again.

“Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?” She’s probably traversing the globe to destinations yet known. Florence on the other hand is in the wilds of South Florida.

While my first love is writing, I have spent many a care free day puttering in the kitchen and crafting in any space where I can make a happy mess. The pleasure of moving my hands gives my mind peace.

Join me on my journey to the best parts of me, here or anywhere.

Florence Fois


fOIS In The City

Contact me:  foisttoni@aol.com

10 responses to “About

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog (via your interview with Keli) and will visit again. Thanks for an interesting read.


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  3. fivereflections

    happy new year from david in Maine USA


  4. NYC is a fascinating place to me, though I have been there only twice. I know I would be inclined to like a novel set there.


  5. This page captures so much. It’s great.


  6. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your blog for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

    For more information visit:


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