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Part Six-Romancing The Big Apple-Love on the river …

Saving the best for last is a good writer-tease-trick-tickle of a way to bring you to another happy ending.

Happily ever after along the winding rivers of downstate New York means you can circle the entire island, cruise inside her harbor, visit her out-islands or duck under her bridges.


The Boat

My love affair for riding on top of the water goes back to my earliest recollections of being on the Hudson River Day Line, the boat to the Statue of Liberty, and of course, the Staten Island Ferry … the old Brooklyn Ferry that carried me from the 69th Street slip in Bay Ridge to the ferry slips of Staten Island.

I also took the New York Ferry that travels, and still does so, from downtown Manhattan to the same docks on the Island.

staten island ferry

Old Staten Island Ferry

statenFerry Slip

Incredibly, like the trolley ride, this was the best use of a kid’s meager nickle. A nickle ride to enjoy the open air of the trolley and the ferry.

Visitors can still enjoy the Manhattan Ferry for a grand view of downtown, the lower harbor and the Statue of Liberty. However, the most frequent users of the ferry system are residents of Staten Island on their way to work.

For residents of New York and visitors, there are over thirty-one boat cruises daily. This includes the Hop On, Hop Off Sightseeing Ferry, The Sunset and Twilight Cruises, New York Water Taxis, The Statue by Night, The Circle Line, The Daytime Statue Sail on the Clipper City Tall Ship, several yacht, tall ship and speed boat cruises, and a half dozen choices for dinner cruises.

At least two times each summer, I traveled with my family on the original Hudson River Day line, up river, and debarked at the docks of Poughkeepsie. My dad, an old seafaring man, wanted at least one trip to our family by water. Our trips back to Brooklyn were by railroad and subway.

Hudson River Dayliner at Bear Mountain Dock New York

Hudson River Dayliner at Bear Mountain Dock New York

For true love on the river, the evening dinner cruises are the most spectacular, the fine dining, the amazing views of the bridges and the skyline at night, and the lull of the water, all conspire to romance.

ships at night

Whichever way you might decide to tour my grand city, the Circle Line offers tours as short as one and a half hours, or an evening cruise in the harbor. Consider taking at least one boat ride … or if you travel down to the Memorial for 9-11, take a short walk and ride on the Staten Island Ferry, a very short, sweet way to enjoy the harbor.

Romance is the most popular genre fiction, the glue that holds a good relationship together, and the secret desire of both men and women.

It is celebrated in song and sonnet, in short and long tales, on the big and small screen, and for those traveling to New York City next week at the RWA National Conference, it is the ultimate experience for a romance writer.

Romancing The Big Apple can last a lifetime.

It is why millions choose to pay high rents, endure rush hour on the subway or ignore her ticks and warts … why millions travel from all parts of the globe to embrace her, to call her home, to take back memories that never fade.

I can only hope that for those of you who have never seen or felt her, that one day you have the opportunity to embrace what I have known all my life.

It is called The City because there is nothing like her. And although some of you may balk or tell me the wonders of your city, she is the ultimate, The City that never sleeps, the true City of Lights and the best little island anywhere.

To be fair please I’d love to hear about your favorite city.

Tell me her name and why you think she is the best.

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Part Five-Romancing the Big Apple-The Wheels on the Bus …

go round and round … all around the town ...


The Bus

In the first four parts of this series, I highlighted several options for the free days or evenings conference attendees might have during the RWA Annual Conference in New York. There are two ways you can see most of what I’ve already shown you and more in one fell swoop. And today we are going to visit the first of those two ways. bus.06

New York City Bus Tours

  • You have been to New York.
  • You are from New York and moved somewhere else.
  • You still live in New York and will take a subway to the conference. Or …
  • You have never been to New York and wonder … what of all the things you have heard and seen do you want to hear and see for yourself.

bus.02 In front of Lincoln Center Would it surprise you to know that many natives or frequent visitors also avail themselves of bus or water tours? We do. Natives might never have seen some of the highlighted sights on the tours or they might be entertaining out-of-town company and want a convenient and fun way to show off The Big Apple. Below is a breakdown of the downtown and uptown sites available on one or all of the three major touring companies. The best deal is the Hop on Hop off ticket.


You will receive a 48/72 hours Hop on Hop off double-decker ticket valid from the time you exchange your confirmation email for a boarding ticket at Citysights NY Visitor center.

  1. Theater District   —   Broadway between 47th and 48th Streets. (starting point for Downtown)
  2. Theater District   —   50th st. & 8th ave.
  3. Carnegie Hall   —   7th ave between 56th & 57th streets.
  4. Winter Garden   —   50th street & 7th ave.
  5. Times Square   —   Broadway between 47th & 48th st.
  6. Times Square   —   7th ave between 41st & 42nd streets. Transfer here for Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises.
  7. Macy’s   —   34th st between 7th & 8th ave.
  8. Empire State Building   —   34th st between 5th & 6th ave.
  9. Flatiron District   —   5th ave between 22nd and 23rd Streets.
  10. Union Square / Ladies Mile   —   14th Street between 5th and 6th aves.
  11. Greenwich Village   —   Bleecker Street between Carmine Street and 6th ave.
  12. SoHo   —   Broadway between Spring Street and Broome Street.
  13. Chinatown / Little Italy / Canal Street   —   Broadway between Walker and White.
  14. Site of the One World Trade Center/St Paul’s Chapel   —   Broadway & Park Place.
  15. Battery Park/Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Ferry   —   Battery Place & State Street.
  16. South Street Seaport   —   South Street and Fulton Street. Transfer her for Liberty Helicopters.
  17. Lower East Side/Chinatown   —   Pike Street between Madison and Henry Streets.
  18. Lower East Side   —   Allen Street between Grand and Broome Streets.
  19. East Village   —   1st ave between St Marks Place and 9th Street.
  20. Kip’s Bay   —   1st ave between 34th and 35th Streets.
  21. United Nations   —   1st ave between 44th and 45th Streets.
  22. Waldorf Astoria Hotel   —   49th Street between Lexington Ave. and Park Ave.
  23. Rockefeller Center   —   49th Street between 5th and 6th aves. Stop here for admission to Top of the Rock.

bus.04 UPTOWN TREASURES & HARLEM TOUR You will receive a 48/72 hours Hop on Hop off double-decker ticket valid from the time you exchange your confirmation email for a boarding ticket at Citysights NY Visitor Center

  1. Times Square South    —   8th Ave bet. 42nd & 43rd St.
  2. Theater District North    —   8th Ave & 52nd St.
  3. Columbus Circle / Time Warner Center   —   Corner of 59th Street and 8th ave.
  4. Lincoln Center    —   Broadway & W. 63rd St.
  5. Central Park / Strawberry Fields    —   Central Park West & W. 72nd St.
  6. American Museum of Natural History / New York Historical Society    —   Central Park West & 79th St.
  7. Cathedral of St. John the Devine    —   Amsterdam Ave & 112th St.
  8. Grants Tomb / Riverside Church    —   Riverside Drive & 122nd St.
  9. Apollo Theater / Harlem    —   125th St. between Fredrick Douglass & Adam Clayton Powell Blvds.
  10. Harlem Market / Shopping    —   116th St. bet. Malcom X Blvd. & 5th Ave.
  11. Museum of the City of NY / Conservatory Gardens    —   5th Ave. & 103rd Street. Stop here for your admission to the Museuem of the City of NY.
  12. Guggenheim & Jewish Museums    —   5th Ave. & 90th St.
  13. Metropolitan Museum of Art    —   5th Ave. & 83rd Street.
  14. Frick Collection / Whitney Musuem / Central Park   —   5th Ave. / 72nd St.
  15. Central Park Zoo    —   5th Ave. & 66th St.
  16. Plaza Hotel / Central Park    —   Central Park South between 5th & 6th aves.
  17. Carnegie Hall    —   7th Ave between 56th & 57th Streets.
  18. Winter Gardens    —   50th Street & 7th ave.

At every hotel or motel in every major city there is the wonderful service provided by the concierge.

Find them at the Marriott Marquis and gather the information you need about the major bus tours, their schedules, prices and tour sights.

No matter how you get there, once in New York, avail yourself of her sights and sounds, her culture and her spunk.


If you get to our great city

where would you like to go?

fOIS In The City

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