City Scapes

I am fOIS In The City, a gal who has a singular obsession with NYC’s varied people and neighborhoods.


Please join me on my travels through the sights and sounds of my city; enjoy her beauty and hear her song.New York is one of a dozen cities in the United States that cannot be enjoyed or experienced while taking a leisurely Sunday drive. Most of us prefer to ride the rails, take cross-town buses or hail a cab, after which we  “walk around.”

Up and down the streets and avenues from the Island of Manhattan to the tip of South Brooklyn, her boroughs are connected with a series of ferries, bridges and tunnels and like the arteries and veins in the human body, pulse the life’s blood of people and traffic in every direction the eye can see.

(Photography for this page and many of my posts are taken from my daughter’s photo blog and her Flickr pages. Several City Scapes feature her photography as she roams the streets as well as other photographers I have found on various blogs and web pages.)

City Scapes is my way of taking you on a “walk about” along those streets and avenues. From the hills of Inwood Park, to The Radio City Music Hall and the winding cobblestones of China Town, she is worth the time and the shoe leather.

I hope that one day you will visit or you could enjoy one of my posts from City Scapes.

2 responses to “City Scapes

  1. Florence – I’m not sure why I haven’t found my way here earlier but this page is magnificient. You are a gifted artist using both your words and layout of design. It makes me want to grab a ticket and be on my way.


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