Thanks …

for the memories … for the many pleasures we all share … and thanks for visiting with me today.

This little darling was the second thank-posts, originally published in November of 2010.

The sentiments and the list are very much the same.

Wherever you will be tomorrow … have a good one.


In honor of this BIG thankful day I present the short list.

Thanks to my family, all of the collective pieces of them from the original, to the kids to those families of friends who have made being away from my other families more tolerable.

Thanks for the various means by which I was educated, from the crazy nuns to the crazier professors in college, to the gifted librarians and their amazing knowledge of books to those patient folks who have taken their valuable time to read me and teach me how to be better.

You can fill in the other blanks, and of course, there is always the longer menu with thanks for food and shelter, and the luck of biology and geography. Biology gave me my looks, my health, my brain power and my winning smile. Geography put me in Brooklyn with a smart mouth and not in a third world country where I might already be dead from talking back to the wrong person.

My crazy Christmas blogs will also return in December. Remember, these appear but once a year and are not saved in archives.

Have a great day and a better weekend.

Who and what are you thankful for today?

fOIS In The City

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Am I Blue

without you?

Yes, I am.

That I haven’t visited my favorite blogs, don’t answer emails, hardly click “like” on Facebook, and have spent the last three weeks trying to find the time to do the last three chapters of my latest book.

Last week, I was so confused, I posted my Wednesday blog on Tuesday. Then on Thursday, I took it down because I didn’t feel like doing a trilogy or a duo or even this lame excuse for a post I am doing today.

I am truly blue … a nice periwinkle with shades of baby-blue and navy.

Mountains of Maxine

And so to save my sorry-self for the next few weeks leading up to and including my favorite time of year, I will post reruns

Posts some of you have never read, save Christi Corbett, who has been reading me from the beginning.

For those of you who haven’t heard from me lately, on and off the blog, I offer my sincere apology and ask for your indulgence and patience.

This Phoenix will rise again …

Wonky days …

Posted originally in 2010.

 It’s the middle of the week and you can see Friday peeking over the horizon, a bright ball of sun, exploding in your head. Almost there.

We are forever keeping time, looking ahead for what we would love to have, or looking back at something we forgot.


 My favorite definition of time is power. To have the power to use it, be consumed, deluged and surrounded with the time to do what is immediately gratifying.

The ability to mold and create one’s life with no worry of time running out. We are all born to die and what we do with the time we have between is all we leave behind.

Our real battles are fought against it. Will there be enough to realize our secret desires; fulfill our obligations; with some to spare to get the kids through college? Can we meet the demands of our days; find peace in our nights?

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We are surrounded with clichés like: She died before her time. Time flies. Before you know it, it’s gone. You’re young and you have plenty of time. Time heals all wounds. All the mysteries of life will be revealed … in time.

 Or an old favorite … Time waits for no one.

We may believe that in time, like fruit, we ripen on the vine of life; becoming sweeter; juicier.

Time allows the “ah ha” of it all to settle into our brains. Those were the good old days. We’ll never see that time come around again.

In my day life was easier, simpler, stricter; safer. We didn’t lock our doors and were never afraid to let our kids stay out all day and half the night. We didn’t live in a barbwired, gated, alarmed, concrete fortress; our children captives of mean time.

We rush, hustle, bustle and scramble hysterically through the years; didn’t have, couldn’t get; didn’t become something … in time.

No matter how we see it … we never have enough … do enough within the minutes we’re allotted … we will always look for the next swell of a hill … look around the next corner.

We move in our own time … until we run out of …

 Time to slip
Off the edge, with 

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Let Me Entertain You …

Let me make you smile.

All my life I thought I was supposed to be on the stage, to dance and sing, to act or make jokes, to entertain and make you feel good.

No matter what befalls me in this strange and wonderful life … I have always preferred to laugh. Of our senior graduating class of over 800 in my all-girls high school, I was voted “The Most Likely to Make You Laugh.”

The class clown, the forever mischievous, curious and exasperating pest… I loved to laugh and make others laugh with me.

Laughter is the cure for just about anything. It has been proven that the very act of smiling can make a person feel better. Smile and the world smiles with you … weep and you weep alone.

Drama is hard … comedy is harder.

Crack open any funny bone and you might find a dark marrow. Peek behind the façade of many comics and you might see hardship and tragedy. You may see the part of them they hide.

Robin Williams is a very recent and real example of the hidden tragedy in many funny guys … he was also a wonderful example of the genius that makes many comics great actors.


Laughter cures. Laughter cheers. Laughter is in my humble opinion the best damn drug in the known universe.

Laughter does not always make one “happy” in the orthodox sense … Carlin made me laugh while he stoked my political indignation.

Probably one of the best known comics to make us laugh over nothing at all was Seinfeld … the man who could take a group of people who were about nothing and did a great deal of nothing and make them funny.

He took everyday life, turned it around in his mind, and made funny.

If given a choice we might all laugh.

So, go on and have a laugh on me. It is after all what I live for.

Who makes you laugh?

And do they poke at something other than your “funny bone?”

fOIS In The City

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