Time Warp …

Today I’m talking about time. Time is of the essence. Time stops for no one. Time is the one thing money cannot buy.

And time is what I need to complete my goals for this summer.

You missed me. I know you did.

Believe me when I say … I missed you too.

During my summer vacation I missed the debut novel of Keli Gwyn A Bride Opens Shop in El Dorado, California. Visit her new sight and buy her book.

However … we are spot on for Sheila Seabrook’s debut launch.

Check out both their books. You’ll be glad you did.

I am on time to report Cristi Corbet’s new contest. Sign up for this fun contest today.

Sadly, there was no accounting of my six-week class with the amazing Margie Lawson, no updates on her incredible teaching packets. Do find and buy those. Take her classes. Read her.

Confused or misdirected … I joined a now defunct critique group where members dropped like flies in Laura Drake’s hot Texas sun. Nothing of interest to report, but for one new friend. Thanks, Paula.

Nowhere on these pages will you find news flashes from the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Anaheim. I didn’t attend … barely lurked … this too shall wait for better times.

Still … I missed you so much I’ve come here today to give you an update … or the remaining loose ends of what I am doing with my summer vacation.

Loose ends:

My first Third Eye Mystery has been completed … or at least her current draft is complete.

To think we can fly off into the sunset at the drop of 80 to 90 thousand words is the height of delusion.

The novel is finished in the sense that it is a complete story. Now I will begin to layer each edit … fill them with sweet butter cream and top the cake with multi-colored florals. In other words …  make it a good read.

And yes … I still find myself crunched for time.

The second mystery is in shambles, being sliced and diced and rearranged as we speak.

What is even more fun?  Working on the first women’s fiction novel by Florence Fois. Now that is one heck of a good time.

More loose ends:

Wait … there’s more !!

I am moving in thirty days. No … not to another state or another country.

I am moving across town to a peaceful gated adult community with lovely little cottages. And one of them has my name on the front door … or at least on the mail box.

Moving is a near death experience. You all know I am Italian. Italians are notorious nesters.

I am a female. Females by their very nature need to nest … snuggle … cuddle and feel the warmth of their surroundings wrap around them like a comfy blanket.

To accomplish this death-defying act during the edits of two novels and the fledgling beginnings of yet another, is too crazy even for me. Yet … that is exactly what is going to happen.

The last end tucked and tied in a ribbon:

For the next few posts I will feature photography by my family; namely my daughter.

These images at first may seem not to relate … however … it’s my way to avoid other issues and provide pictures that say a thousand words.

There’s more “stuff” in this old broad waiting to be unearthed.

Borrowing from George Carlin’s “Stuff” … I have reduced my load from a six piece matched set of luggage, to two carry-on bags, to one back pack and finally … I’ve stuffed a toothbrush, comb and some loose change in my back pockets … and I’m off.

See you next time.

How about you … what are you doing on your summer vacation? 

Take any trips … attended any conferences? 

fOIS In The City


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33 responses to “Time Warp …

  1. So glad you’ve at last experienced the awesomeness that is Margie Lawson! Stuff the pockets with your stuff and enjoy a successful move, Florence.


  2. I missed you, Florence! I know the move will be a pain in the butt, but it sounds like a wonderful place. Congrats on finishing your draft. That’s a huge milestone.


    • Thanks so much, Debra. It’s good to be back 🙂 Moving is a very big pain but this is a really nice place and I know I’ll be happy. The milestone of the book is at one time frightening and exciting … now to get it out there !!


  3. Finally, you’re back! I missed you, Florence!!! First question … is the picture at the top with the red toe nails your feet? If so, you have verrry nice feet. 🙂 Second question … will we ever get to see a picture of your new cottage? Hopefully you really have weeded your baggage to a “toothbrush, comb and some loose change”. While I love the “change” of moving, I don’t love all that packing and lifting and carrying. 🙂

    Oh gosh, did I mention how much I missed you?!

    Thanks so much for the lovely mention today in your post. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your mysteries and women’s fiction stories. And maybe finding out about the mysterious meanings behind the pictures that you may not share with us? Curious minds want to know these things … desperately! In other words, what makes the real Florence Fois tick?


    • Hi Sheila … the pretty feet belong to my daughter. Mine are a big bigger and flatter 🙂 I plan pictures once the patio construction is done and it’s all landscaped.

      I missed these days. Needed the time but I still felt a strong pull to jump back into this … Major kudos on your launch … I look forward to reading your book.

      The books are a labor of love I truly believe will come to fruition soon and the mystery of the “images” is simple.

      Most of them are my daughter’s random shots of NYC and two of the fuzzy images are actually her. See … it pays to ask.


  4. I DID miss you. I also have a Margie Lawson packet waiting to be worked. I’ve taken one class live and enjoyed it.

    I’ve taken trips with the husband, the girls, the work colleagues.

    I’m looking forward to your original photos and words.


    • Brinda … Ditto … I missed you and your blog also 🙂 I must say that after so many of my friends, you and Sherry and Gloria … especially Laura Drake … recommended Margie … I had to take her class. Wow … what an amazing experience.

      Sounds like you’ve been spending more time in cars … at least you have your audio books to keep you company on the “road.”

      The photos will mostly be from my daughter … the words from me. I think we make a great team 🙂


  5. “Moving is a near death experience”–so true! I only had to move the furniture out of my house–and then back in–to get the carpets shampooed, and it was stressful enough. I saw my life passing before me. All those boxes of photos, the clothes that didn’t quite work, the shoes–oh the shoes! I can’t wear heels any more. But there they were, mocking me from the back of my closet.

    But it sounds as if your move will be worthwhile. Congrats on all the writing milestones!


    • Anne: As an Italian female I need a shot gun put to my head to induce me to move … but this has been a long time coming and welcomed at last. I unearthed books and crafts from the 1990’s for heaven’s sake. How strange … the things one keeps hidden in their closets …

      I must thank you for your inspiration … to finish the work and to get myself out there finally … you and so many have encouraged and motivated me. What a great group we writerly types are !!


  6. Well, what I took away from this, Florence, is my continuing wish to read one of your books, so get going, girlfriend! I cannot wait to read them!


  7. Hi, Florence. I’m enjoying your blog! Thanks for the link to Christi’s contest where I’m guest hosting. Hope you and your awesome readers find a moment to stop by and leave an entry for our photo caption contest. And congratulations on finishing your WIP draft. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like I’ve birthed another child when I finish a story 🙂


  8. Missed you, Sweetie! Glad to hear you used your time productively (see? You’ve reduced me to using hated adverbs.) Glad you got a Margie glow – it’ll look good on your manuscript!

    I get the shakes just thinking about moving to Texas – we’ve been in this house 26 years. And given a pack-rat husband . . . If I could ship him off for a week, and get an industrial-sized dumpster…

    Ugh. Hope yours goes better than my imagination makes mine!


    • Thanks, Laura. It’s good to be back and yes I am glowing all over the place from Margie. I’d love to have her here as a guest when she’s done with the Fall Fab 30.

      Moving is the closest to death and with a pack-rat in your household … my heart goes out to you. Gotta think that at least once your planted in Texas … you can take root or get lost in the sage brush 🙂


  9. christicorbett

    Yaaaaay, Florence is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *waves hands in the air while cheering wildly*

    Don’t envy you on the moving though. Blech, I hate moving 😦

    Thanks for the link love about the contest.

    Christi Corbett


    • You are my best cyber bud, Christi … thanks !! Yes, moving is a major BLECH … but it’s been ten years in this place and it’s time to move into my own little domain 🙂

      I’ll also try to promote your contest with my groups !!


  10. Florence,

    No vacation here or even one beckoning in the far reaches of my gray matter. However, I’ll be getting my second book in my Dessert Dames WF series out by September and my next one plot line is coalescing in the creative area of my brain reserved for Dessert Dames information.

    Congratulations on your move. I’m sure you’ll love it.


    • Casey, you continue to prod me forward towards my writing goals. I look forward to the next book … and I’m sure it’s as captivating as the others 🙂 Even though this was a working vacation … taken from the confines of my lovely writer’s cave … I’ve missed your blog and photographs and glad to be back with my cyber friends 🙂

      The move is stressful but so very welcome … and yes, I know I will love it !!


  11. Florence – How I’ve missed ‘seeing’ you on the loop and around the web. The cottage sounds devine and I’ll be patient about pictures. I agree, you and your daughter make a great team with photos and writing. And, a huge congratulations on the progress you made with your WIP. In honor of your series and all mysteries, I broke away from reading women’s fiction and picked up ‘Gone Girl.’ Yes – a review will appear sometime. It’s as good as all the other reviews say. Again – It’s so nice to have you back!


    • Thanks, Sheri … I’ve missed everyone. Pictures to follow the aftermath of my uprooting.

      The use of my daughter’s photography is in part motivated by Roni Loren’s little “problem,” but it also gives me a chance to team up with her at last.

      Your reviews are great no matter the genre. I so loved Alda’s Rules and I’m sure I’ll love Gone Girl 🙂 Glad to be back in “space” !!


  12. Summer? There was a summer? I’m going on vacation ASAP.
    I did finally finish the first draft of the book that would not end. Maybe we should have a race for our second drafts. Except I’m the tortoise. Today I feel like something slower.
    Did miss your lovely voice bunches. Glad you’re back.


    • Shelley … summer or whatever part of it I’ve enjoyed … was seen from the view from my desk. I don’t think its possible for me to come close to the wonderful collection of stories you have written in your career … not the tortoise … you are more like a slow and steady cat who has stretched and moved in so many directions. I will finish the second draft but more like a puppy scampering for first base !!

      Missed you and look forward to your next book and your next thoughtful blog post … it’s so good to be back 🙂


  13. You’ve been busy and very productive!

    Summer, yes, that’s my time for working. No vacation I’m afraid, just a break from blogging. I’m plugging away at another novel and happy with that. One day I hope to actually have a vacation, maybe go some place nice. 🙂 Great to see a post from you, Florence!


  14. Hi Laura, thanks for the welcome “home.” I have truly missed everyone. Mine was the same type of vacation. What we do as writers is see those precious days we savour as better than a trip to Disney !! After a lifetime of dreaming, the reality of doing the work is also the best gift I have ever received. Enjoy your blog break and the time you spend in your private world … and keep writing amazing stories 🙂


  15. I’m glad you had such a fun-filled, productive summer, Florence. I wish you well on your upcoming move and hope you enjoy your new digs.


  16. I know this post is from a few week ago. Hoping the move went smoothly!


    • Hi, Nina … always love to hear from you. Loving the new look oln your blog … The move is actually September 15th and I am a bit on edge but happy for what I know will be a great little place 🙂


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